There’s a new burger mafia in Vikhroli. Meet the BOSS…

Boss Burger Brew + BBQ is now in Vikhroli with their flagship outlet to dominate all your burger and beer cravings!
The bar counter of boss where amazing drinks are brewed.
The bar counter of BOSS where amazing drinks are brewed.

Adding to the sprawling culinary schene at Vikhroli’s Godrej One space is cloud kitchen and all-around awesome Boss Burger Brew + BBQ’s flagship outlet. Located right beside Vikhroli Social, the vividly coloured space invites you to meet the ultimate BOSS alongside some eponymous amazing burgers, BBQs, and curated brews. 

As soon as you push through the doors, your eyes instantly swivel to the neon red sign at the bar. Appropriately stating ‘Let’s brew some trouble’, it sets the stage for a brewtiful kind of evening. Complementing the sharp and bright interiors, you have both an alfresco and indoor option for dining.

Poring over the vast menu, I was equal parts intrigued by the quirky names and intimidated; but chose to have complete faith in my appetite. Disclaimer: BOSS likes big eaters and chuggers, so do confirm portion sizes before placing your orders. 

I started off with the appetizers and ordered Chips on a power trip. We were served a huge platter with three types of nacho chips – Classic cheese’ sweet potato and Charcoal along with fries and wedges. The platter also had four types of dips – ranch, chipotle, guacamole, and cheese, with a side of pickles for our pampered selves. A perfect platter to munch on, it also doubles as a side for the rest of your meal.

A platter of crispy chips and fries with various dips at boss burger.
A platter of crispy chips and fries with various dips at BOSS Burger.

Next up, I went with the staff’s suggestion and ordered the Prawn with brawn. We were served chilli prawns on a toasted slice of bread, generously topped with sesame seeds and served with a cocktail dip. The pickles added good crunch and texture to the bite, but I still found myself needing to douse it all in dip for some added flavour. 

Chilli prawns on a crunchy toast with cocktail dip.
Chilli prawns on a crunchy toast with cocktail dip.

This was followed by the Meaty AF platter, which fittingly came with BBQ smoked chicken, peri-peri wings, deep-fried chicken sausage, grilled corn ribs, and a side of chips, chimichurri dip, and pickles. While the glaze on the BBQ wings was promising, the insides were a bit too dry and hadn’t really soaked up any flavour. The peri-peri wings were both juicy and spicy with a hint of sweetness and tanginess. As for the chicken sausages, they were crunchy on the outside and perfectly tender on the inside. The corn ribs gave a perfect smokey flavour along with the sweetness.

A perfect platter for all those who love chicken wings.
A perfect platter for all those who love chicken wings.

In spite of both my companion and I being full, we embraced the BOSS spirit of being big eaters. This was followed by the decision to share a burger, namely the Chicken and cheese melt. A classic chicken burger with a crunchy, juicy patty and loads of cheesy goodness, it came with wedges and pickles on the side. We washed down the burger with a Blonde by the beach – a light, crisp and refreshing ale. My companion enjoyed a Mango cider, which was all the rights kinds of smooth with the sweetness of Alphonso mangoes.

From the amazing range of boss shakes, crack cocoa.
From the amazing range of BOSS shakes, crack cocoa.

No matter how full you are, one should not skip dessert is a motto I swear by. In line with the same, we ordered Crack cocoa, which was a thick shake with chocolate ice cream, kit kat, and salted caramel.

In summary, BOSS Burgers Vikhroli is the perfect place for a corporate meeting, night out with homies, or third date comfort with someone special! If you love your burgers, meat, and brews, this is the perfect spot for you.

Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Max: 5 stars)

Food: 8/10

Drink: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Vibe: 7/10

One dish that we loved: Chicken cheese melt burger

One dish that didn’t work for us: BBQ wings

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