The epitome of vegan and vegetarian food now in Juhu

If you’re in Mumbai looking for a fine-dining experience with an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu, Epitome is the place for you. 
Mystical greek-gothic interiors greet you at epitome, juhu.  
Mystical Greek-gothic interiors greet you at Epitome, Juhu. 

Finding a good restaurant to hang at is always a task for vegetarians and vegans, right? Well if you’re in Juhu, not anymore. After Dubai and Lower Parel, Epitome is now here to make its mark in Mumbai.

As soon as I entered the lounge, it felt like being transported straight to Olympus what with the opulent Greek gothic interiors. The menu at Epitome is also as expansive as an ancient epic, featuring Thai, Continental, Indian, Italian and Asian cuisines. 

Hot and creamy wonton and ramen noodle soup at epitome, juhu.  
Hot and creamy wonton and ramen noodle soup at Epitome, Juhu. 

We started off with a Wonton and Ramen noodle soup. With a creamy broth, loads of veggies, soft noodles, and wontons stuffed with a delicious filling, the soup was a perfect start to the meal.

At the suggestion of our server, we then opted for the bestselling Shawarmosas. We were presented with a plate full of long and thin rolls filled with stuffing, generously sprinkled with powdered spices and two dips on the side. On my first bite, the crunch was like music to the ears. It was spicy, savoury, and on top of that baked! The perfect healthy appetiser that’s sure to please your desi palate. As for the shawarma bit of things, however, shape apart, there wasn’t any discernible flavour. 

Crunchy and savoury sharawmosas at epitome.
Crunchy and savoury Sharawmosas at Epitome.

Next, we ordered the Unbelievable vegan crab cakes and Crystal dim sums. As a non-vegetarian, I was extremely curious about the aforementioned ‘crab cakes’. I was pleasantly surprised with the texture, remarkably similar to the real deal. The crab cakes were topped with tofu and spinach paste, crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. 

The dim sums on the other hand were served impressively in a traditional bamboo steamer but failed to deliver on the flavour front. The shiny dumplings were stuffed with chives, basil, and tofu, but were a bit too dry for my liking.

As for the drinks, the menu at Epitome continues to stay impressive. My companion ordered a classic Cosmo while I went with the Love Passion. Both drinks were vodka-based cocktails, and quite refreshing. The Love Passion was served in an old-fashioned glass and was a fine blend of grape juice and vodka. The Cosmopolitan was served in a martini glass with a slice of lime and a cherry on top.

Absolutely delicious cocktails at epitome.
Absolutely delicious cocktails at Epitome.

Next up was the Tandoori Platter, which consisted of stuffed kulcha, mushroom chaap, tandoori broccoli, paneer with sarso ka saag, and three types of sauces on the side. The stuffed kulchas were tangy and savoury with cheesy goodness on the inside. The mushroom chaap and broccoli had a delightfully smokey flavour on top of the obvious healthy aspect. The paneer coated with sarso ka saag just melted in my mouth and was extremely flavourful.

And lastly for dessert came the Desserted Chocolate Oasis. It was such a treat for the eyes, I had to take a minute to appreciate the aesthetic before digging in. The chocolate crisps create the illusion of sand, on top of which is a tree made from dark chocolate with dried cranberries and a huge dollop of thick cranberry sauce.

The dessert is the epitome of treats for your eyes as well as your tastebuds.  
The dessert is the epitome of treats for your eyes as well as your tastebuds. 

As your spoon explores the dessert, you’ll find a lot more going, with layers of moose and a crumbly layer of biscuits. This could easily turn into my new dessert obsession.

All in all, Epitome’s an amazing lounge with a humongous menu perfect for vegans and vegetarians with an appetite for fine dine. The staff was well trained and polite and contributed immensely to a top-notch dining experience.

Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Max: 5 stars)

Food: 7/10

Drinks: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Interiors: 8/10

Vibe: 7/10

One dish that we loved: Unbelievable vegan crab cakes and Desserted chocolate oasis

One dish that didn’t work for us: Crystal dim sums

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