The Perfect Place in Town for all of Kolkata is back

For anyone looking to take a break from the rigmarole of life in Kolkata, the literal Perfect Place in Town is back!
Ppt is back in kolkata, and the food is just the tip of an exciting iceberg!
PPT is back in Kolkata, and the food is just the tip of an exciting iceberg!

It’s strange to think that a PPT could get anyone excited. But if you’re in Kolkata, you know that means the Perfect Place in Town. 

With summers starting to creep up and days getting longer, there’s nothing like a good break over the weekends. Or even the chance to catch up with friends after a particularly gruelling day. For anyone in Kolkata looking to live it up a bit, the Perfect Place in Town is back! 

Post makeover, PPT opened its doors on 26th February, 2022. For gourmands and spirit lovers alike, here’s an entirely revamped lounge and nightlife experience. Spread across a 12,500 sq.ft area, the place is divided into an in-house dining section and a breathtaking green and open terrace. 

Like with most peer establishments, PPT has gone the extra mile to deliver what’s considered a Pinterest or Instagram aesthetic. In sync with their philosophy of breaking away from monotony, the space is lively and rife with vibrant elements. Your eyes may immediately flit to the elaborate gold accented bar. The terrace is a thing of beauty too. It perfectly blends together the charm of Victorian decor as seen in old Kolkata and accents of the contemporary interiors. 

From indian and italian to mexican and more, gourmands in kolkata have a lot to look forward to at ppt.
From Indian and Italian to Mexican and more, gourmands in Kolkata have a lot to look forward to at PPT.

Seating up to 350 diners, PPT features a thoughtfully crafted menu by Chef Vicktar Ghosh. As with lounges catering to nightlife, the cuisine borrows from various global offerings like Italian, Indian, Mexican and more. There’s a decent blend of vegetarian, meat, and seafood options for every kind of diet.

Signature specialties on the menu include dishes like Grilled Bhetki with German Pickle, Western Ghat Spice Grilled Prawn, Veg Tempura Sushi and the Smoked Salmon Sushi. The Rawalpindi Tostadas and Watermelon with Feta Soil are not to be missed as well! For the mains, you can opt for the Sous Vide Chicken with Supreme Sauce among several other sumptuous dishes.

With a bar that elaborate, you know PPT is bound to have a strong drinks game. The bar menu boasts a selection of uniquely crafted cocktails by the in-house mixologist. Some of the signature cocktails on the menu include PPT Blast, Cuci Cooler, Negroni, Green N Grass, The Companion, and Archangel to name a few. In keeping with their interesting names, each cocktail promises an interesting journey of flavours.

The in-house mixologist at ppt is bound to catch your eye with one of his uniquely crafted cocktails.
The in-house mixologist at PPT is bound to catch your eye with one of his uniquely crafted cocktails.

Mr. Subhajit Mondal and Mr. Rishab Killa, Director, Perfect Place in Town – Kolkata (PPT), say, “We are thrilled to be back again with a bang in the City of Joy. We look forward to welcoming our guests to return to the lively fun times, enjoy signature beverages, scrumptious food, groove to cheerful music and sparkling entertainment.”

As you take in the city skyline overlooking Salt Lake, dance the night away under PPT’s unique matrix lighting. The street-style lamps coupled with some geometric and abstract decor provide the perfect aesthetic backdrop for a night to remember! 

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