The Cheval Blanc Paris: LVMH’s reverie on the river Seine

If you aren’t to the manner born, the much-awaited reimagining of this historic Paris hotel will initiate you into the savoir faire of the city’s chicest set. Think long, languorous meals facing the Seine, a pleasing symphony of décor and design, and impeccable service. Mais bien sûr.
cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
The façade of the hotel, seen from across the Seine. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.

Cheval Blanc is renowned for Maisons with a purposefully limited number of rooms and suites, and a highly personalised approach to culinary arts, wellness, and entertainment, that provides guests with a purely individualised stay. Its affiliation with LVMH Moët-Hennessy Louis Vuitton ties in perfectly with its mantras of exclusivity and luxury. But there’s also its emphasis on emotions and connections with the past, which touches a chord with its clientele.

The Cheval Blanc Paris, which opens today, is ensconced in a beautiful Art Deco building designed by Henri Sauvage in 1928. It is a part of the iconic La Samaritaine complex, which is back in action after undergoing a major refurbishment recently. With 72 rooms and suites dripping with elegance, Cheval Blanc Paris has already become a landmark in the City of Light filled with architecturally amazing buildings. In a city where hotel rooms are notoriously small, this one offers a private apartment of up to 1,000 sq m including its own pool, spa and lift, and also the option of adding two communicating suites of 350 sq m and 650 sq m in case you want more space! Not to mention that it’s a stone’s throw from some of the most memorable sights that Paris has to offer. Not to mention all the brands from the LVMH mothership that it comes fully loaded with.

cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
Each of the suites has a unique view of Paris. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.

Embodying the very essence and character of Paris – historical grandeur and modern effervescence – this urban resort has been conceived by designer Peter Marino as a Paris Residence, a matchless living space. Each of his choices meets a prerequisite for know-how to create a unique identity. Just as they did in the past, skilled masons and stonemasons, gilders, stonecutters, and metalworkers have all contributed to the task, as masters of their trade, and guarantors of French craftsmanship designed to last. They are also the guarantors of incomparable added value that only human hands can provide. Every item of furniture has been custom-made, every object chosen specially. Nothing has been left to chance: from the ten or so different types of marble, to the graphic embossing in a palette of subtle mineral hues. Pure light is used in diverse forms create a variety of moods. Far more than just spaces, they are places bathed in an aura of harmony.

cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
Every item of furniture has been custom-made, every object chosen specially. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.

Speaking of harmony, the exquisite Dior Spa in the hotel promises ‘happiness in the heart of Paris’, with luxe treatments performed in six suites, each of which presents a facet of the House of Dior with its stunning décor. With private white onyx bathrooms, each suite is a remarkable place for a magical experience, which gives rise to new emotions. Amongst these six cocoons, the Bonheur Suite features all-new massage beds for a relaxing escape for two, the New Look Suite was designed especially for the six-hand Couture Dream massage, and the Sauvage Suite, with its alpha quartz covered massage bed, extends an invitation to be at one with Nature. Expect Dior signature treatments for regeneration, Happiness Shots for rejuvenation, massages and more to celebrate special events…

cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
The sumptuous Dior Spa. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.
cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
The origami white horse, the embodiment of Cheval Blanc’s design, detail, and delicacy. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.

And then there’s the section specially reserved for Cheval Blanc Paris guests, a haven of tranquillity, well-being and exquisite pleasure beckons: the restorative heat of the sauna, the sinuous marble of the hammam, even an invigorating snow shower! The curved infinity pool with its artisan mosaics handcrafted by Michael Mayer, reveals a calm retreat at the heart of the city. Swim lengths to the flow of the shimmering reflections, or gently let yourself go, free your mind, and experience a true delight for the senses. A poetic invitation to escape, they say. Across from the pool, the state-of-the-art Fitness Studio beckons the body positive and lovers of exercise.

cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
A fun space for kids called The Carrousel. How perfect! Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.

The hotel has something for everyone. The colourful and whimsical kids’ area – aptly named The Carrousel – is so full of magic that the young and young at heart will probably never want to leave. And for grown up fun, there’s always art. Here, Sonia Delaunay paintings cross paths with works by Claude Lalanne, sculptures by Philippe Anthonioz, canvases by Vik Muniz, and pieces by Laurence Montano, to name but a few.   

Even if you want to do nothing but look out at the city, it’s been taken care of. The designers have carefully planned how to maximise the views, with architect Édouard François’s contemporary sensibilities adding to the Art Deco structure. You get an immersive panorama through the bay windows on the façade with a staggering view of the horizon from the 650 sq metre landscaped terrace.

cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
Elegance, architecture and history come together in a timeless pastiche. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.

The culinary offerings have already created a buzz in a city where excellent gastronomy is the norm rather than the exception. The first-floor gastronomic restaurant with, at the helm Arnaud Donckele, who is also the chef at the Vague d’Or in Cheval Blanc St-Tropez, turns time on its head. On the seventh floor, adjacent to the expansive terrace a contemporary brasserie revives the traditional joys of a meal at any time of day. The Table de Partage, perfect for private dining, invites you to savour, taste and discover superlative cuisine among family and friends.

cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
Chefs Maxime Frédéric and Arnaud Donckele. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Sylvie Becquet.
cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
The many restaurant offerings have made the hotel a destination even for local gourmets. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.
cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
Unimaginably romantic private dining areas. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.

General Manager Christophe Hilty has been leading the operational teams right from the preopening process to launch this ambitious project. He now ensures that the guest experience is perfect and personalised. Not only is the team adept at customising experiences for guests – be it a perfectly warmed brioche, a bath that awaits at just the right temperature, an impressive game for the children, a privatised museum or an impromptu boat ride along the Seine – but the team’s uniforms too are things of bespoke beauty, specially created for the hotel by Guillaume Henry, Artistic Director at the iconic maison Patou. Henry has used high-quality materials such as matte wool, cotton piqué, poplin, Georgette crepe to blend a sporty aesthetic with Art Deco accents that reflect the hotel’s architecture. If you love details, you’ll notice the gold buttons in the parquet-de-glace pattern and the elegant Cheval Blanc Paris crest, along with musketeer cuffs, inlaid or slightly cowled collars, lapels, embroidered pockets, puffed sleeves, a touch of satin, a note of mother-of-pearl, and more. With stays priced at €1,150 and up, this boutique luxe hotel is making sure it gets all the details right.

You’ll find us sipping some fine French wine by the window, as we ponder life’s great questions. Perhaps you’ll be daydreaming there too?

cheval blanc, Paris, luxury hotel, France
Theme for a daydream. Image: Courtesy Cheval Blanc Paris/Alexandre Tabaste.
A beautiful take on the hotel by Head Concierge, Margaux Medeau.

Address: Cheval Blanc Paris, 8 quai du Louvre, Paris 75001. 

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