The 10 best spots for pizza in Bengaluru

It’s always pizza’a’clock if you know where to look. And we’re giving you 10 delicious options to explore in Bengaluru!

A slice of pizza can be a miracle cure to a bad day, or the perfect treat to end a good one. While it’s mostly a simple combination of dough, sauce, and toppings, this is one classic dish that’s spawned debates over centuries. 

The right sauce to crust ratio, the adequate amount of toppings. Even the kind of toppings that are right for pizzas is widely contested (looking at you there, pineapple). So if you find yourself with a pizza craving in Bangalore, here are 10 of the best places you can go to for some warm and delicious slices! 


2 pizzas at a time, all equally inviting at cur8.
2 pizzas at a time, all equally inviting at Cur8.

Located within a luxury hotel, this little eatery went the extra mile with a custom built, supersized pizza oven. With carefully crafted wooden logs stacked around the oven, it is capable of dishing out 12 pizzas at a time! The oven has a diameter of around 1.9 metres with in-built double doors so that it can be loaded and emptied from two opposite sides. There’s also a rack inside with a constantly burning wooden log, lending its natural flavour to the pizza.

Must try pizza

The Chicken Tikka Pizza at Cur8 has delightful, refreshing slices. With toppings of pickled onion, mint yoghurt, and fresh coriander, it’s great for any time of the day.

Glen’s Bakehouse

Not just desserts, glen's bakehouse serves up some pretty good looking and better tasting pizzas too!
Not just desserts, Glen’s Bakehouse serves up some pretty good looking and better tasting pizzas too!

Anyone in Bangalore will reflexively tell you to stop at Glen’s Bakehouse for your sweeter cravings. What you might want to check out while there are their delicious pizzas. Set up at multiple locations in the city, this little bakery has it all from a curated breakfast menu to pizzas fine enough to remind you of cafes across Italy. 

Must try pizza 

Of all the pizzas on the menu, the highlight has to be the Barbeque Chicken Frontier. Everything a pizza need to be, this one has toppings of sweet and sour barbequed diced chicken, mixed with green chillies and covered with generous amounts of cheese.

Brik Oven

The diavola veg pizza at brik oven is one spicy example of many exquisite flavours.
The Diavola veg pizza at Brik Oven is one spicy example of many exquisite flavours.

Launched in 2015, Brik Oven was the first to bring real wood-fired pizza to Bangalore. Whipping up the iconic and original Neapolitan-Style Pizzas, they have a light and crunchy crust that’s thin in the centre and thick and charred around the edges. Using original San Marzano tomatoes, they’re baked to perfection in a rustic wood-fired oven at 400℃ using a traditional recipe from Naples.

Must try pizza

If you’re a fan of white sauce pizzas or pastas, The White Fungi is perfect for you. With creamy bechamel on the base and toppings of wild mushrooms, mozzarella, nutmeg, and thyme, you’re on the path to bliss.

The Pizza Bakery

A picture and a slice of sourdough pizza from the pizza bakery speaks far more than any words could.
A picture and a slice of sourdough pizza from The Pizza Bakery speaks far more than any words could.

The Pizza Bakery is synonymous with the perfect slice of pizza in Bangalore. Honestly, you could eat an entire one by yourself, it’s that delicious. This restaurant crosses boundaries to source authentic materials, and would even go as far to make them from scratch if they don’t find the perfect fit. Celebrating Neapolitan-style, wood-fired pizzas are made with their signature sourdough base, although their stuffed garlic bread is also a definite must-try!

Must try pizza

You might not always fancy vegetarian pizzas, but the Popo’s Veggie Delight is sure to get your attention. The toppings are a colourful assortment of bell peppers, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, mozzarella, and a splash of chimichurri.


Onesta offers you a chance to have a complete meal with delightful pocket-friendly pizzas as the anchor. This little pan-India eatery provides you with mouth-watering pizzas that make it the perfect spot for your next pizza party.

Must try pizza

Featuring all the pizza classics, the Sausage and Onion Pepperoni pizza is a definite winner here. Wash it down with one of their coolers for a holistic experience.


The supremo pizza at sbarro is loaded to bursting with delicious toppings, a pizza lover's dream!
The Supremo pizza at Sbarro is loaded to bursting with delicious toppings, a pizza lover’s dream!

Now here’s a brand that takes its toppings seriously. Specialising in authentic New York style pizzas, Sbarro has made its comfortable corner in the hearts of pizza lovers across India. The pizzas are made from hand stretched dough, with whole milk gooey mozzarella cheese loaded fully with a delicious variety of toppings. Can’t really go wrong here. 

Must try pizza

Nothing says globalisation like a New York style Tandoori Chicken pizza. Combined with their San Marzano tomato sauce, it’s a bite of goodness every time. 

The Firewood Pizza

Smokey, crisp, and laden with ooey gooey cheese, these are the hallmarks of true firewood pizza.
Smokey, crisp, and laden with ooey gooey cheese, these are the hallmarks of true Firewood Pizza.

If the reviews say the pizza’s just as hot on delivery as it would’ve been at the eatery, you know they’re doing something right. Nobody likes a cold slice of pizza (another debatable topic) and The Firewood Pizza pulls out all stops as far as it comes to pleasing their customers!

Must try pizza

A smokey base baked to crisp perfection, topped with paneer marinated in peri peri sauce, onions, and bell peppers. That’s what you get with the Peri Peri pizza!


Toscano is great for date nights in Bangalore, and that could include a date night with the best slice of pizza too! They’re widely recognised for the attention to detail that goes into preparing their signature pizzas. The sourdough base used is well fermented for 48 hours, thus nailing the taste and quality of their thin crust pizzas.

Must try pizza

While their Rustica and Chicken BBQ pizzas are pretty good too, it’s the Pizza Toscano with pesto chicken, onions, bell peppers, olives, and boiled eggs that stands out! 


The love of italy and pizzas is in the air thanks to chianti.
The love of Italy and pizzas is in the air thanks to Chianti.

Now here’s an Italian place from start to finish. The ambience perfectly captures the authentic setting, brought to life with their stunning pizzas. Using only basic, good produce with very little tampering, their pizzas are proportionally that much more flavourful. Fair warning, it’s a little steeply priced!

Must try pizza

The Margherita Rustica is a perfect example of deliciousness in simplicity. Using just black olives, spinach, onion, mushrooms, olive oil, smoked cheese, and mozzarella, they’ve managed to create a sensory experience.

Flames Pizza

Pizzas in less than 90 seconds? Really? Flames Pizzas manages to do so with an authentic wood fired oven. These pizzas are cooked in the heat, baked with love and perfect for a lazy Sunday in the most adorable ambience. 

Must try pizza

Named Queen Margherita, this quirky sounding pizza actually uses the right blend and amount of ingredients to achieve deliciousness. 

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