TD Conversations: Peter J. Bates in conversation with Quentin Desurmont, President, Traveller Made®

Luxury travel is veering towards truly tailor-made vacations, preferably in a private villa in an offbeat destination you reach aboard a private jet, an indulgence that will be tempered with social responsibility towards the world we inhabit, says Quentin Desurmont.

No one understands luxury with as much authority or embodies it so seamlessly in their lives as the French do, with their long history and impeccable heritage of luxury brands, gourmet food and beautiful couture.  This is a heritage that has shaped Quentin Desurmont’s sensibilities as a luxury travel designer. Desurmont, who comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and has lived and worked in France, Spain and England, launched his travel design company, Traveller Made, in 2013.

Luxury travel is marked by authentic experiences and a connect with the local community.

Traveller Made collaborates with boutique travel design agencies, “over 3,500 travel designers across the world, who craft bespoke experiences that involve stays at lodges, hotels, private villas, travel on private jets, or a cruise in a private yacht across the world,” Desurmont tells Peter J. Bates, President, Strategic Vision in this exclusive interview. “What we look for in our collaborator: the ability to offer tailor-made vacations to ‘big’ or elite clients, destination knowledge, and the ability to crisis manage.” 

The focus is on ‘emotional’ experiences, with privacy and security woven into them.

The pandemic has transformed the world from what we once knew to one we are still discovering. Travel will also have to be recast in a whole new mould to fit the realities of a post-Covid world. “There will be far more emphasis on conscious consumption. Luxury travel trends will focus on emotional travel; experiential travel with security woven into it; privacy, which is why private villas and jets are gaining traction; rediscovering our backyards and countries; sustainable travel, and the need for being one with nature, which will lead to a spurt in adventure travel. We will spend more on skiing holidays and climbing mountains.”

Regina hotel baglioni
Luxury travellers will pick hotels and villas that not just offer impeccable service, but privacy and experiences beyond compare.

For more on the master craftsman of luxury experiences and his idea of post-Covid luxury travel, watch the video. 

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