The Tangra Travels pop-up is a celebration of Calcutta’s diverse flavours

Taking place at San:Qi, Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, the pop-up from June 1 to 6 is all about showcasing Calcutta classics with a distinctive Mumbai twist.
Helmed by chef vikramjit roy, co-founder of the tangra project, tangra travels is a pop-up mumbai just can't miss!
Helmed by Chef Vikramjit Roy, Co-Founder of The Tangra Project, Tangra Travels is a pop-up Mumbai just can’t miss!

The Bombay Edition of Tangra Travels grips you from the get go. It takes the best of Mumbai and Calcutta classics, and turns it over its head. 

For instance, there’s a Parwal twist on the crowd favourite Guacamole and Chips. Expect creamy burrata in your Ghugni, and the traditional warm spices of Paya Shorba in your Xiao Long Bao. Basically, it’s all things familiar and otherwise neatly wrapped and aesthetically presented on your plate. 

Presented by Chef Vikramjit Roy, Co-founder of The Tangra Project in New Delhi, this World on a Plate pop-up brings forth the enchanting flavours of Calcutta to the heart of the western metropolis. Right from 1st to 6th June 2022, diners at San:Qi, The Four Seasons, Mumbai, are welcome to revel in a menu truly unlike anything they’ve encountered before.

Helmed by the celebrated Chef Vikramjit, the weeklong event will seek to infuse the mainstays of traditional Calcutta cuisine—itself a melting pot of many influences—with the gastronomic character of Bombay, in what promises to be a delight for the senses, and a celebration of Indian diversity.

You can't miss the sweet potato chaat, tangra travels style.
You can’t miss the Sweet Potato Chaat, Tangra Travels style.

Commenting on the event, Chef Vikramjit Roy says , “Tangra Travels is all about inclusivity and generosity, the project exemplifies the celebration that Calcutta upholds. With this project we’re celebrating not just food but diverse cultures coming together, and how everything gets adapted when you move from one place to the other. The menu of The Tangra Project originated from Calcutta, travelled to Delhi and now has reached Bombay while adapting cultures and evolving constantly”.

And evolve it has. The menu is divided into six exciting sections, namely the Calcutta Chaat & Cold Plates, Small Plates, Dumplings, Toast Met The Bombay Pao, Sharing Plates, and of course, the unmissable Mishti. Each section has its highs and lows, but definitely features one standout dish you just can’t afford to miss! 

One such dish that’s an immediate winner is the Anjooli, Fish Ceviche, Coconut Milk. The freshness of the expertly diced fish against the creamy coconut milk is surreal, so much so that the plate emptied almost as quickly as it arrived. 

Anjooli, fish ceviche with coconut milk is one of the more exciting dishes on the tangra travels : bombay edition menu.
Anjooli, fish ceviche with coconut milk is one of the more exciting dishes on the Tangra Travels : Bombay Edition menu.

The Paya Shorba Xiao Long Bao, a dish that had me as skeptical as excited, was fortunately everything you would want it to be. The soup bursts in your mouth in an explosion of warm yet strong flavours, making you wish there was one more to be had. In a nod to Mumbai’s affinity for putting anything between a pao, the Haleem on Toast is excellent to say the least. Against the backdrop of a buttery sourdough bread, the muted spices of Haleem come shining through, making for a perfect bite each time. 

One might have wondered where the Tangra was in all of this, but it takes just one bite of the signature TTP Chilli Chicken to dispel all doubts. Surprisingly, it was the creamy and quality paneer version of the dish that took the cake for most of the table. The Shrimp & Crab Paturi, of course, was a classic knockout. The crab crust on top was good enough, it merits a standalone dish! 

The tangra travels version of a classic chilli chicken is great, but the paneer version is somehow better!
The Tangra Travels version of a classic Chilli Chicken is great, but the paneer version is somehow better!

Even as you make your way through the extensive (and extremely filling!) menu to the delicately presented Mishti, there’s a palpable sense of excitement. What cements the win, however, are the prevailing flavours, undisturbed by the seamless fusion preparation. 

Chef Vikramjit adds, “For example, fish chops, which are very common in Calcutta, they have been converted into Fish Bombil Chops, because every great restaurant in Bombay that you go to will have crispy Bombil on the menu—that is the confluence of different flavours and cultures coming together.”

Great food aside, the beverage section hasn’t been forgotten. As a balm to the sticky Mumbai heat, you can choose from a refreshing array of cocktails such as Southside, Tiki ++, Float and Pornstar Martini, etc.

Sunil Narang, General Manager of Four Seasons Mumbai says, “Over the years, Four Seasons Mumbai has had the privilege of bringing the finest dining experiences from all over the world to our discerning guests who expect nothing but the best at San:Qi. This spectacular menu crafted by Chef Vikramjit will be a culinary voyage which provides an insight into the cultural diversity of the country”

If you’re in the mood for some whimsical fusion food that looks fine-dine but still manages to feel like home, The Tangra Travels – Bombay Edition, is just what the doctor ordered! 

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