Spicy, savoury, and the best monsoon recipe from Maai

Monsoons are incoming! And the classic chai-pakora aside, this delicious recipe from Maai, Goa is perfect for it.
Monsoons are always better with some spice.
Monsoons are always better with some spice.

As the clouds get heavier and the roads continue to get flooded, eating in is starting to seem like the best option again! And to aid as well as satiate those monsoon-fueled cravings, we have an amazing recipe from Maai, Goa.

Located in what’s otherwise straddling the lines between party and pretentious as a state, it’s easy to get lost in the goodness of Portuguese-inspired cuisine. Here, the skilled chefs actually know the best and most direct way to your heart. 

Nestled under the magnificent roof of a 120-year-old villa, there’s something almost something magical in every bite, each ingredient narrating a story of its own. The inspirations and housemade blends of unique spices and masalas brought together on your plate will forge an unforgettable memory in your mind. 

And as far as unwinding this monsoon goes, there are new yet heartwarming dishes to be found on Maai’s menu aplenty. These flavours embody the soul of Goa, and the ingredients used are locally sourced and authentically made.

So what better place to start than with some local favourites against the rains? Tesryo or clams as they’re better known are best eaten on their own. Be it an appetizer or a delicious side between meals, it’s bound to be the best this season. 

Clams are a local favourite in goa, so why not whip up some for a quick monsoon bite?
Clams are a local favourite in Goa, so why not whip up some for a quick monsoon bite?

Using this recipe straight from Maai’s kitchen, elevate staple flavours with an international flair using the local ingredients. Try pairing it with the peri-peri masala for an ultimate kick.

“Maai is a canvas and I got a lot of freedom to showcase what Maai meant to me,” says Chef Balaji. “I have to allow the food to tell the story and speak for itself. Today apart from the travellers our local guests, [there are travellers] from the outskirts of Goa and even from the deep parts of south and old Goa come to Maai because of the food and warm service.”

Whether you’re in the state or not, all you’re going to need are a few ingredients and some simple steps to whip up the taste of both Goa and monsoons for your palate.

Local dish tesryo masala


  • 20 ml refined oil 
  • 20 gm onion
  • 20 gm garlic 
  • 150 gm clams 
  • 60 gm onion tomato masala 
  • 5 gm tesryo masala 
  • 40 ml coconut milk 
  • 1 gm turmeric 
  • 4 gm salt, to taste


  • Blanch the clams in hot water salt and add a lemon wedge. Remove after two minutes. 
  • Then add oil to another pan, followed by the chopped onion and garlic and saute Add the onion-tomato masala and saute. Add five grams of the peri-peri powder.
  • Add the homemade tesryo masala and saute for a bit. Add coconut milk, turmeric, and salt. Add the clams and cook for 30 seconds. 
  • Top with peri-peri masala. Serve in a deep dish and garnish with coriander leaves. Best accompanied when hot with some poi.

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