Roger Federer serves the best of Switzerland

The 20-time Grand Slam winner and Swiss native has partnered with Switzerland Tourism as its new brand ambassador. As part of the campaign, visitors will get to see the country through Federer’s eyes through a series of visuals and videos highlighting his favourite destinations and hidden secrets.

Tennis superstar Roger Federer has teamed up with Switzerland Tourism as the newest brand ambassador for the destination. The joint campaign is built around attracting visitors back to Switzerland post-pandemic, with the first leg focussing on European tourists, followed by travellers from the US and Asia Pacific. According to market and consumer data company, Statista, restrictions and economic shutdowns resulted in falling revenue for travel accommodation across Switzerland in 2020.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner was born in Basel, the third most populous city in the country, and now lives in Bottmingen. “I have always felt, whenever I step on the court, I am representing Switzerland. Whenever it says my name, there is a Swiss flag next to it. I have been very proud to do that for the first 22 years I have been on tour, and it will always be like that. To join forces with ST now is a logical step for me,” says Federer. 

As part of the campaign, visitors will be able to “see Switzerland through Federer’s eyes” through a series of photos and videos that will highlight the tennis pro’s favourite destinations in the country as well as hidden gems. David Ruetz, head of Internationale Tourismus Börse Berlin (ITB), says Switzerland Tourism’s partnership with Federer could help rebuild trust in tourists post-Covid. “Traditionally, Switzerland has been a dream destination for tourists from Asia and the Arab states because of what this beautiful country has to offer. As soon as travel is possible again, tourists from these regions will be the first to knock on Switzerland’s doors. I am convinced of that,” he told Expatica. “As far as rebuilding trust is concerned, making Roger Federer the brand ambassador of ‘Destination Switzerland’ was a strategically clever move. He embodies this sense of trust.”

Besides boosting the tourism sector, the campaign is also expected to have a social impact. Federer has pledged to donate the compensation he receives for his association with Switzerland Tourism to the Roger Federer Foundation, his philanthropic organisation which supports disadvantaged children in Switzerland.

What’s on Federer’s itinerary? Here’s a sneak peek.

The Rhine Falls

Switzerland rhine falls
(Photo: Courtesy Switzerland Tourism)

This magnificent natural wonder was formed due to tectonic shifts in the Ice Age. They’re accessible via the Belvedere Trails, and visitors can get up close from a viewing platform in the middle of the waterfall that hovers over the Rhine. One can also take a river boat, or rent a canoe, and paddle to the castles of Wörth and Laufen, which are only accessible by river.

San Salvatore Mountain, Lugano

San salvatore mountain switzerland
(Photo: Courtesy Switzerland Tourism)

Switzerland’s panoramic views are shaped by 48 peaks over 4,000 metres high. The San Salvatore mountain, south of Lugano, offers gorgeous 360 views of the surrounding lake and Alps. It’s a 600-metre climb to the summit, but you could also zip by on the funicular rail instead. A clear view across southern Ticino can be enjoyed from the roof of the church at the summit.

The Olympic Museum, Lausanne

Founded in 1993, this is a homage to one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. You can relive the excitement of past Olympic games through multimedia exhibitions, documents and collections of precious objects that date back to ancient Greece! A bonus? Beautiful views of Lake Geneva and the Alps from the museum’s TOM Cafe, which is open on Saturdays and Sundays.