Finding phoenix: Here’s where Ranveer Singh faced the wild with Bear Grylls!

An action-packed interactive special, Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls takes you through Serbian wilderness where love is the driving force for the actor to survive.

Ranveer Singh is synonymous with wild. Be it his flamboyant fashion sense, the quirkiest characters that he picks to play, his roaring stage performances, or his unabashed displays of affection for the people he loves — the B-town star doesn’t shy away from making the world meet the wild child in him every now and then. But Ranveer vs Wild with Bear Grylls is as wild as it gets!

Ruthless terrains, steep ravines, chilled rivers, deadly predators, and moody climate — this is how the actor describes his 36-hour journey during the episode that recently dropped on Netflix. Singh is seen pairing up with the British adventurer Bear Grylls, to battle the odds of survival in the Serbian wilderness, only to find one flower for his beloved wife, Deepika Padukone.

Ranveer vs wild with bear grylls
Ranveer Singh braved through the Serbian wilderness with Bear Grylls (right). Image: Courtesy Netflix.

Often called as the ‘phoenix flower’, Ramonda Serbica is a rare one that is only found in the high altitudes of Serbia, and, believe it or not, never dies! It can survive through the harshest of weather conditions and can revive itself if watered even after remaining completely withered for years. Singh, as a true hopeless romantic, navigates through the dense, perilous Serbian forest to find one as he believes the flower denotes his eternal love for his wife.

While the episode never discloses the exact location, Ramonda Serbica is an endemic species only limited to Serbia, specifically found in the southwestern end in the outskirts of the Mount Rtanj and Mount Suva near Niš. Offering a nice contrast against the grey karst rocks, its tender purple petals, when in full bloom, could be easily spotted if you go hiking on the two mountains anytime of the year.

Ramonda serbica
The rare Ramonda Serbica is known as the phoenix flower as it can revive itself after being dried for years! Image: Shutterstock/Vankich1.

But if it was that easy, Ranveer Singh wouldn’t be doing it, right? The crazy rendezvous with the wild begins with the ravenous duo dropping off a chopper and starting their 36-hour journey right in the middle of nowhere without a GPS! Here’s the catch though — it’s an interactive special. Meaning you control every move that Singh makes. You get to decide whether he carries a grappling hook or a flare can, rappels down a steep cliff or tyrolean traversing through a ravine, eats a dead boar’s testicles or the maggots feeding on them! The choices aren’t easy but are surely fun, well, at least for the viewers.

Ranveer vs wild
From being chased by a wild bear to eating a boar’s testicles, Singh does it all in this interactive episode! Image: Courtesy Netflix.

Along the strenuous adventure, the actor distracts a pack of wolves to steal their half-devoured catch, saves himself from a wild bear lurking in the woods, quenches his thirst from sphagnum moss, spends the night on a bed of beech leaves, and crosses a pitch-dark cave only to find a pit of venomous snakes at the end of it. He sheds tears of joy and accomplishment after mounting up a seriously high ridge to reach the home ground of Ramonda Serbica. But the clock is ticking. Does Singh finally get his hands on the rare phoenix flower? You’ll have to watch the action-packed episode to find out, where the interactive angle maintains the unpredictability but Singh’s witty, fun digs all along keeps it light and a delight to watch.

The two daredevils traverse through the dense forests of Niš in southwestern Serbia. Image: Shutterstock/Milos Banda.

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