Bookmark Pnoēs Tinos, the first of Design Hotels, for your next Greek holiday in 2023

Tucked away on the Greek island of Tinos, Pnoēs Tinos is deeply rooted in its surrounding environment in terms of its architecture and character.

New luxury hotel in tinos island, greece
Each of the three villas is designed as modern cubes with private pools and gardens. Image: Courtesy Design Hotels.

With Aristides Dallas — one of Greece’s most celebrated architects — at the helm of the project, Design Hotels is all set to launch Pnoēs Tinos, its latest Greek utopia. The three-villa property, located on the the sparsely populated island of Tinos in Greece, is carefully designed in a way that it blends perfectly into the landscape.

Natural splendour, organic gardens, stunning nearby beaches, and an island of traditional villages await at this luxury haven. The three light-flooded, airy white structures are designed as modern cubes, each featuring a private pool and garden, two bedrooms, and a hammam-style bathroom.

Pnoēs tinos
Sophisticated, minimalistic design runs through Pnoēs Tinos. Image: Courtesy Design Hotels.

What’s so special about Pnoēs Tinos

Stone walls and lime-washed surfaces play off minimal steel, wood details, and broad airy openings. Additionally, expect to see artworks by the famed artist Alexandra Papadimoulis adorning the walls, turning each of them into a small gallery. Nature plays a special role at Pnoēs Tinos — the private gardens bring the Mediterranean landscape right into the houses, the herbs from onsite farms can be found at breakfast table alongside local products, and the breathtaking location invites guests to take long walks or go for a swim in secluded bays.

Where is Pnoēs Tinos located

Just a half-hour ferry ride from Mykonos, the largely untouched island of Tinos is a wild wonderland, perfect for a getaway from Greece’s bigger destinations. You will find yourself amidst villages of beautiful marble sculptures such as Pyrgos, abandoned marble quarries, and towers of the raw stone creating a unique geological profile.

Design hotels
The hotel offers you a taste of the island’s distinct cuisine prepared fresh from the local produce. Image: Courtesy Design Hotels.

Things to do around Pnoēs Tinos

  • Sip on organic wines made from grapes grown with an abundance of stone and salt minerals, from local wineries like Domaine de Kalathas and Volacus.
  • Indulge in the unique flavours that the island has to offer. Visit one of the many family-run tavernas serving divine dishes made with self-grown, reared, or foraged ingredients.
  • Surf along the northern coast, explore the island through diverse hiking trails, bask in the sun on pristine beaches — the outdoors play a key role here, and rightly so.

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