When The Bombay Canteen popped up in Delhi with some good ol’ gin and a cart full of perus!

Small batch, limited edition, and distilled — the limited edition Perry Road Peru by Strangers & Sons and The Bombay Canteen is not your ordinary tipple.

It has been a year since the pink perus (guavas in Marathi) left the street carts lining Bandra’s Perry Road to travel across India in a gin bottle, and the convoy has finally arrived in Delhi. Perry Road Peru — a single-batch, limited edition distilled cocktail — took the city of Mumbai by storm when it was launched last year. And then, as a response to a never-ending sea of requests, Strangers & Sons Gin and The Bombay Canteen, in another seasonal collaboration, decided to bring back the legendary peru cart and its delicious boozy derivative to the cities of Mumbai, Goa, Bengaluru, and Delhi. Only this time, the pink, potent and perfectly spiced cocktail brought along delicious culinary encounters spiked with nostalgia-inspired flavours of Bombay!

The limited edition perry road peru is nostalgia in a bottle. Image: courtesy the bombay canteen.
The limited edition Perry Road Peru is nostalgia in a bottle. Image: Courtesy The Bombay Canteen.

But first, let’s talk about the star of the show. Fresh, balanced and luscious, Perry Road Peru’s ripe, robust flavour lingers on the palate for long. The cocktail is a delicious mix of gin and ripped pink guavas, and is best had on the rocks. If you prefer, smear the rim of a tall glass pink salt and chilli, and top it up with tonic.

A peru cart on one side, a well-lit bar set-up on the other, pastel-hued canopies with dining tables laid out perfectly, smooth live music running in the background — the lush open-air courtyard of Elan at The Lodhi, New Delhi, certainly proved to be the right pick for the exclusive sit-down dinner. The unique seven-course dinner experience brought to the table, reimagined chaat, Canteen classics, and elaborate sharing plates.

Evan, the open-air dining courtyard at the lodhi. Image: courtesy the lodhi, new delhi.
Evan, the open-air dining courtyard at The Lodhi. Image: Courtesy The Lodhi, New Delhi.

It started with ‘Chakna’ plates that give you the taste of street-style Bombay staples like Chakli Chutney (Marathi chakli-style cheese churros served with Schezwan chutney), Crispy Crackling Bhel (puffed rice, pork floss, black rice, and green wheat tossed together), and Masala Papad (pao papad served with cured fish and nimboo chundo). The cheesy, hot churros definitely stood out, and hit different when dipped in the tangy-spicy dip. Barley Jowar Salad — puffed grains, ponkh (roasted sorghum), pomegranate seeds, tossed in spicy hung curd dressing — arrived next to balance the flavours and prepare our palate for next course.

We can't get over the chakli-style cheese churros! Image: courtesy the bombay canteen.
We can’t get over the chakli-style cheese churros! Image: Courtesy The Bombay Canteen.

The Podi B**f Tartare dressed in smoked egg yolk and served with dosa crisps, surprised with a sudden burst of flavours, and no one’s complaining. Begum’s Baked Brie brings you the perfect ‘cheese and cracker’ experience with caramalised golden-crusted brie, a seasonal peach murabba, a generous drizzle of Naga hot honey, and crispy Nipattu crackers. Paya Soup Momos is your comforting lamb trotter stew bundled up in tender dumpling, and we couldn’t have thought of a better version!

Begum's baked brie offers the perfect 'cheese and cracker' experience. Image: courtesy the bombay canteen.
Begum’s Baked Brie offers the perfect ‘cheese and cracker’ experience. Image: Courtesy The Bombay Canteen.

For mains, you can pick from Baati filled with slow-cooked shredded chicken in Bhopali chicken rezala with a dash of lime leaf oil, or Gucchi and Girda, which is a celebration of Kashmir, thanks to the creamy haak saag, super silky whey yakhni with Gucchi and Shimeji mushrooms, and home-made poppy seed Girda bread. The rezala was definitely a standout dish, but we equally loved our humble bowl of gucchi.

Dry Aged Duck Pepper Fry came as a sharing plate but truth be told, the tender sliced duck served with tangy balchao pickling, amaranth foogath, and pilaf made it difficult for us to share with the folks at the table. The elaborate meal ended with a nostalgic twist that took us back to the childhood days — the Peanut Butter Jam Kulfi, TBC’s take on the iconic choco bar ice cream! We washed it all down with our new-found favourite pink drink — sometimes stirred up as a Highball or Vermouth, sometimes with a sinful amount of sparkling Prosecco. But it’s certainly best had on the rocks, when you can truly taste the potent peru and the nine Indian botanicals in Stranger & Sons gin.


Both Perry Road Peru and the Canteen’s classic dishes deserve to be savoured in unrushed moments of indulgence. And though the Delhi pop-ups are now over, you can order your pink bottle of peru magic online from the comfort of your home. For rest, the doors at The Bombay Canteen are always open! Find your bottle in Delhi here.

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