Orient Express Silenseas: The future of luxury cruises is here!

The iconic Orient Express is branching out into the cruising world, 140 years after making its debut as one of the most luxurious trains to ever exist.

Orient express silenseas
Orient Express Silenseas will set sail in 2026. Image: Maxime d’Angeac & Martin Darzacq/Orient Express and Accor.

The ultra-rich have been taking to the seas in increasingly large and lavishly equipped yachts for a long time. But the popularity of luxury cruises and superyachts has truly soared in past couple of years. So much so that Orient Express has announced its foray into the cruise industry with the world’s largest sailing ship!

Orient Express Silenseas will set sail in 2026, beginning a new era of luxury cruises. Some 140 years after the beginning of the luxury train line, the brand is branching out into hotels, hospitality, and luxury yachts now. The announcement of the ship marks a major development in the top-shelf travel industry.

All you need to know about Orient Express Silenseas

Orient express
Aerial view of the luxury cruise. Image: Maxime d’Angeac & Martin Darzacq/Orient Express and Accor.

Orient Express Silenseas is certainly the future of luxury yachts and the brand’s very own legacy. At 220-metres-long and a tonnage of 22,300 UMS, she will blow all competition out of the water in 2026. French shipbuilders Chantiers de l’Atlantique and hospitality giant Accor teamed up together to create a vessel unlike any other, powered by a revolutionary wind propulsion system, and a hybrid propulsion system run by liquefied natural gas. This will make the Silenseas a benchmark for environmentally sustainable cruising.

The Orient Express ship is set to sail the Mediterranean coast in the summer, with stops including Portofino, Capri and Saint Tropez, and the Caribbean in the winter. Itineraries and interiors will be inspired by the golden age of the French Riviera, when this stretch of coastline played host to writers, artists, royalty, and intellectuals inspired by the shores.

World's largest cruise ship
Orient Express cruise will be the world’s largest sailing ship in existence! Image: Maxime d’Angeac & Martin Darzacq/Orient Express and Accor.

With 54 swanky suites, including the 1,215-square-metre presidential suite complete with a sprawling private terrace overlooking the endless blue, the cruise will feature two swimming pools, two restaurants, a speakeasy bar, a state-of-the-art amphitheater, and even a private recording studio!

Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and CEO of Accor, says that the ship marks a “new chapter” in the history of the famous train line. “This exceptional sailing yacht, with roots in Orient Express’ history, will offer unparalleled service and refined design spaces, reminiscent of the golden age of mythical cruises,” remarks Bazin.

The unveiling of the Orient Express Silenseas comes after Ritz-Carlton’s highly-anticipated superyacht cruise that made its maiden voyage in last October. The Four Seasons also revealed its upcoming 207-meter-long superyacht, due to enter service in late 2025.

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