The legendary Orient Express is returning to Italy after 46 years!

In 2023, the all-new Orient Express La Dolce Vita will take the tracks with six new luxurious routes.

The European lands have been popular around the globe for their world-class rail system, thanks to experiences like travelling in the iconic Orient Express. The historic Orient Express captured the hearts and minds of many travellers and artists alike (think Agatha Christie’s 1934 detective best-seller Murder on the Orient Express), before its operations were shut down in 1977.

The luxury rail experience is all set to win hearts again by making a grand return to Italy with new trains, exciting itineraries, and latest international routes. The new Orient Express La Dolce Vita will be welcoming passengers onboard in 2023 on six trains offering six different itineraries that cover Italy from north to south, along with international routes visiting Paris, Istanbul, and Split (Croatia).

Orient express la dolce vita is all set to take the tracks in 2023. Image: courtesy orient express.
Orient Express La Dolce Vita is all set to take the tracks in 2023. Image: Courtesy Orient Express.
The iconic rail experience will once again take guests through italy. Image: courtesy orient express.
The iconic rail experience will once again take guests through Italy. Image: Courtesy Orient Express.

Partially owned by the Accor group and designed by Dimorestudio, the luxury rail venture is all about celebrating the glorious era of 1960s and ’70s, a historic period in Italy known as ‘La Dolce Vita’, as the name suggests. Expect a lot of art, glamour, as well as joie de vivre, incorporated well in the décor throughout its 12 deluxe cabins, 18 suites, and one Honour Suite, and the onboard restaurant.

“At Accor, we consider it an immense privilege to re-launch the historic Orient Express brand for passionate and discerning travellers. These trains offer a new vision of luxury travel that is beyond our imagination,” said Sébastien Bazin, chairman and CEO of AccorHotels, in the official press note. “Our association with Arsenale Group has opened up new horizons in perfect harmony with the heritage and philosophy of Orient Express, and marks our constant desire to keep moving forward.”

The luxury suite onboard. Image: courtesy dimorestudio.
The luxury suite onboard. Image: Courtesy Dimorestudio.

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The restaurant onboard the orient express la dolce vita. Image: courtesy dimorestudio.
The restaurant onboard the Orient Express La Dolce Vita. Image: Courtesy Dimorestudio.

Guests can pick to stay one to three nights aboard the new trains, with ample time for excursions. A stopover in Rome will be at the heart of each of these journeys, allowing travellers to experience a stay at Minerva, the first Orient Express hotel, which will open its door for guests in 2024.

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