3 natural attractions in the Maldives that will blow you away!

Going beyond the luxury resort life in the archipelago opens doors to the most magical natural places, far from the tourists’ radar.

Think Maldives, and your mind almost instantly drifts away to resorts offering unrivalled luxury, private lap pools, and personal butlers. But for a true Maldivian holiday of a lifetime, take some time out to go island hopping, in search of unmatched natural experiences. We list down three natural attractions in the Maldives that go beyond the luxury island life.

Vaadhoo Island

Natural attractions in the maldives
See the calm waters of Vaadhoo come alive with a blue glow! Image: Shutterstock/Ting Cheng.

Unlike other islands that are at their best during sunrise and sunset hours, Vaadhoo comes to life at night! Part of the Raa Atoll in the northern Maldivian archipelago, Vaadhoo Island is home to the popular Mudhdhoo Beach that gets awash with an enchanting blue glow due to bioluminescence. Watch the ‘Sea of Stars’ phenomenon as several planktons come together to make the waters glow in a magical blue light. Spend your days kayaking in the calm waters or simply soaking up the Maldivian sun at the beach. The best time to witness the unique experience is between June and December.


Natural attractions in the maldives
Fuvahmulah has some great nature experiences to offer! Image: Courtesy Fuvahmulah Dives.

Basically a massive rock in the middle of the open ocean — Fuvahmulah is perched between the two southern atolls of Addu and Huvadhu. But what makes this one truly unique is the fact that it originated due to a volcanic eruption instead of the coral reefs! The only island of the Maldives with two fresh water lakes and lush tropical vegetation, the island is covered by mango trees, coconut palms, papaya, and a variety of tropical blooms. While visiting the Bandaara Kilhi lake, make sure to take a dip in Koda Kilhi, a popular mud bath amid the wetlands and swim with seven different kinds of sharks!

Addu Nature Park

Natural attractions in the maldives
Addu Nature Park is a series of wetlands. Image: Shutterstock/Hassan Najmy.

The southernmost atoll in the Maldives is home to Addu Atoll. This extraordinary nature park is put together by a series of wetlands called Eydhigali Kilhi and the protected Koattey area in Hithadhoo Island. Go kayaking or canoeing to explore the exotic flora and fauna in these wetlands. What’s more? There are three newly renovated birdwatching spots that you can visit to observe flocks of native and migratory birds. The park also features charming piers extending out to the lakes, mangroves and scenic cycling routes through the lush vegetation of the wetlands. 

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