Diageo’s Epitome Reserve

India’s first-ever rice whisky, Epitome Reserve is made with grain sourced from Punjab and matured in bourbon casks in Goa. Only 2,000 bottles of the limited-edition spirit is available at launch.

Going local has clearly assumed epic proportions. With Epitome Reserve, Diageo India has entered the small-batch craft whisky space in India. Only 2,000 bottles of the limited-edition spirit have been launched, indicating the exclusivity of the artisanal whisky.

Epitome reserve
Diageo’s epitome reserve 2

It’s also India’s first-ever rice whisky, made with grain sourced from Punjab which is then matured for over three years in bourbon casks, and finished in PX Sherry and Cherrywood casks. With tasting notes of wood, dried fruit, sweet toffee caramel, vanilla, butterscotch and spices, Epitome Reserve works great straight up or with a dash of water.

Deepika Warrier, CMO, Diageo India, said about the launch: “We are delighted to announce Diageo’s foray into the ‘craft’ segment with the launch of the limited-edition Epitome Reserve. This launch strengthens our premiumisation strategy, riding on brand renovation and innovation. A blend born in India from start to finish, we are confident this limited-edition craft whisky will resonate with our consumers in creating experiences they will cherish.”

It’s not just the spirit that will enthral you but even the packaging, which is handcrafted maple wood, is something you’d want to hold on to as a collector’s item. Epitome Reserve also comes with the Indian master blender’s signature, an ode to the craftspeople behind the spirit.

Naturally, given the exclusivity of Epitome Reserve, it is available only at select outlets and price is available on request.

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