Huusk knives

Huusk knives from Japan are hand crafted by master bladesmiths over two months, using the same traditional techniques as for the famed katanas.

Japanese knives have long been one of the most popular varieties for use in the kitchen. Made with steel that is harder than the kind used in their European counterparts, Japanese knives are known to retain their sharpness for longer. They’re lightweight too, but, need to be handled with care as they’re more prone to damage. One brand that has recently been making waves is Huusk, earning rave reviews from both professional chefs to amateurs. But what is it about Huusk knives that make them so popular?

Unlike most other machine produced knives, Huusk knives are hand made over a two-month period, with as many as 138 steps involved in their making. They’re crafted by third-generation Japanese bladesmiths who use the same centuries-old Japanese hand forging techniques as used in the manufacture of katanas, the famed traditional Japanese blades. Huusk have married tradition rather well with contemporary technology and the laser-carved index finger hole on the blade allows for better usability, along with the premium oak wood handles providing excellent grip. The steel used is of the highest quality, making it both lightweight and durable. And what doesn’t hurt is the fact that they are really good looking too.

You can order Huusk knives directly through their website, with several attractive discounts on offer right now.

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