A ‘solid’ way to save the Earth

These self-care products are raising the bar for easier travel and saving the environment too.
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Now you can care for your skin and hair and care about the planet too. Image: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Here’s an experiment for you. Save all the plastics from your skincare and cosmetics that you use in a month in one place. You’ll probably be surprised, or even shocked, by just how much there is. And these plastics will remain on the planet long after we are gone.

We are so conscious about what we put into our body and on our skin and hair but we don’t often think that there’s an alternative to the containers all those conscious products come in. And that’s where solid bars come to the rescue.  So, not just soap instead of bath gels, but you can replace those mega bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and moisturiser with these bars that are so much better for the environment too. No wonder that #giveupthebottle has been trending on social media for a while now, as more and more people wake up to the realisation that every little choice that we make can have a far-reaching impact on how the planet fares in the long run.

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Shampoo and conditioner can look like this too. Image: Pexels/Meruyert Gonullu

Five reasons to make the switch from liquids to a solid bar

  • They are easier to use and result in zero wastage.
  • They are great for travel, eliminating the risk from spills.
  • You can carry them through airport security without being stopped.
  • They last much longer than your standard liquid products and are often more cost-effective.
  • The ones from the eco-aware brands usually come wrapped in recycled paper not plastic.

Five solids for you to try

Mylky Way Shampoo Bar
The Switch Fix (a clean and conscious personal-care brand) and Goodmylk (a vegan food brand), have collaborated to create this frizz-control shampoo bar that does not contain water or pollutants and has not been tested on animals. Plant-based and protein-rich cashew and oat mylk come to the rescue, especially in these times of high humidity. No more relying on those hotel hair products in polluting plastic bottles when we travel next.
Price: Rs 574 for an 85gm bar.

Earth Rhythm Solid Conditioner Bar
This fragrance-free waxy bar does wonders for nourishing hair, especially adding softness to curls. It is zero waste and vegan-friendly and lasts for over 100 washes. Made with argan oil and Jamaican black castor oil, shea butter, and, like the rest of the range from Earth Rhythm, is phthalate-free, carbon-neutral, cruelty-free, clinically tested, and backed by science.
Price: Rs 549 for an 80gm bar.

Juicy Chemistry Hibiscus, Onion & Bhringaraj Shampoo Bar
From black tea to curry leaves, amla to bhringraj, travelling with this one will be like taking a piece of India everywhere you go. It’s a hydrating shampoo bar that promises to nourish the hair follicles and make your hair stronger, smoother and shinier. It apparently helps prevent premature greying and hair loss too. Juicy Chemistry was India’s first skin and hair care range of products to be certified organic by the French Ecocert, so you can be assured this one is 100 per cent organic, apart from being preservative-free, cruelty-free and made using fair trade ingredients. Truly clean, if you know what we mean!
Price: Rs 600 for a 100gm bar.

Juicy chemistry, shampoo bar, shampoo, travel accessory, indian
A ‘solid’ way to save the earth 6

Goli Soda Natural Probiotics Shave Bar
The unisex bar with hints of peppermint and lavender is soft on your skin. It contains saponified edible coconut oil, purified and structured water with probiotics ceramic rings, aloe vera juice, probiotics, certified lavender, and peppermint essential oil. It is handmade in a convenient size for a comfortable shave. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal antiseptic, and astringent, it even has living bacteria to help your skin microbiome heal after a shave. The best part? Goli Soda products are biodegradable, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and palm oil-free. So, you can use this one daily, minus any fear of contaminating groundwater or affecting the earth adversely.
Price: Rs 250 for a 95g bar.

Goli soda, shave bar, lotion, travel accessory
A ‘solid’ way to save the earth 7

Soap Sutra Lotion Bar
This creamy bar with the tantalising aromas of chocolate and mint has to merely be unwrapped and rubbed onto the dry areas of your skin. It is non-greasy and quickly absorbed and the skin feels very smooth and hydrated. We think it’s going to be kept close for all our future flights and road trips. Made with beeswax, skin-safe fragrance oils, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, an organic mix of oils like coconut, almond, and jojoba, and a couple of other secret (but also organic) ingredients that Soap Sutra prefers not to disclose, the bar is free from artificial colours, preservatives, chemicals, and water.
Price: Rs 300 for a 40gm bar.

Soap sutra lotion bar, lotion, travel accessory
A ‘solid’ way to save the earth 8

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