Make your next vacation with your dad memorable!

Even as an adult, planning a trip with your father can make for some memorable moments. Take our fun TD Quiz to figure out what type of traveller your dad is and then match it with the perfect vacation you can enjoy together.

There are dads and there are dads. And just like their personal brand of dad jokes, they also have a distinct travel style. To know which category yours falls under, pick from the multiple choices below each question, tally your total and see what type of holiday you should plan with him next!

Dad 3
Is a selfie in the sun your dad’s idea of a great time or a day in damnation? Find out with our quiz! Image: Shutterstock/Dubova.


On TV or OTT, his favourite programming is…

  1. Largely sports-oriented content
  2. Documentaries on a variety of subjects
  3. Thrillers or horror films/series
  4. Drama or reality shows
  5. He doesn’t believe in screens

He loves to eat and drink…

  1. Burgers, pizza, hot dogs on a stick, pretzels, vada-pav, chips, cola, beer. Whatever’s easy and greasy.
  2. Exotic and elaborate dishes where he knows the provenance of ingredients, techniques used for cooking, and more. Think poke bowls and Pisco Sours, biryanis and Burgundies, sashimi and single malt.
  3. Mealtime for him is like an extreme sport. He is game for a challenge, be it fried crickets or bhut jolokia.  
  4. If it looks good on the plate, what’s not to hate? He loves clicking whatever he eats and sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, heck, even on all his whatsapp groups! Let’s face it, he likes the attention.
  5. Anything that’s healthy, vegan, sustainably sourced, fermented, pickled, or slow-cooked. Sourdough and kombucha should keep him on track with his IF schedule.

His fashion choices…

  1. His fave team’s colours. Depending on what major games are on at the moment, of course. Basically, anything sporty paired with those faded jeans from his college days that he still proudly ‘fits into’ despite the beer belly.
  2. Classic white or black shirts with the sleeves rolled up, smart shorts that exude a chino vibe, nautical accessories, and a collection of tattoos.
  3. He’d be the first guy around to try a skort or a scarf tied in a new way or carry off a man bun before it went mainstream.
  4. Colour-blocked ensembles, clashing prints, blingy timepieces, and look-at-me shades.
  5. Preloved clothes, slow fashion, skinny tracks, and baggy jute tees with artistic holes in them. Paired with expensive kicks that cost as much as the neighbour’s SUV.

His taste in music…

  1. Mainly Rock anthems
  2. New Age, Jazz, or an instrument you haven’t even heard of!
  3. Anything goes, from Carnatic vocals to Calypso. He’s up for a listen and keeps a very open mind. His favourites change almost daily.
  4. He loves orchestras, be it Bollywood melodies or Western classical symphonies, especially those used in Broadway musicals.
  5. Off-grid sounds that often don’t even classify as music!


More 1s = ‘HOWZZAT!’ DAD

The best kind of trip with him would involve taking in a game, watching a live concert of his favourite band, visiting a museum filled with sporting or music memorabilia, and planning loads of fun to keep him active.

Dad, travel, multigenerational travel
Get his adrenalin pumping with some on-field action on your next trip. Image: Shutterstock/Prostock Studio.

Our pick: Melbourne, Australia, is a great place to visit the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground, catch a match, get a pic with the Tendulkar photo upstairs, see their museum, then head out to walk around neighbourhoods, grab a beer by the riverbank, swim in the sea at St Kilda, then head out for a night on the town.


He’s classy and he knows it. Head anywhere interesting but be sure to plan to be there at the right time, be it the wildebeest migration from Serengeti to Masai Mara this August and September, or the next Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco, whose dates haven’t been announced yet.

Dad 5
Everything esoteric appeals to this type of dad. Image: Shutterstock/Roman Samborskyi.

Our pick: One classic journey to make with him could be to do a single malt trail through the Scottish Highlands. Apart from sampling the drams people only dream of, he will probably appreciate the castles, loches, and finer points of the locale’s history.


The name says it all. He loves adventure, so make sure you plan an itinerary that’s filled with challenge and excitement. If he’s fit, go camping, trekking, or white-water rafting with him. If he’s older and needs the adventure to be a bit more calibrated to suit his activity levels, try taking him to a place that gives him virtual chills and thrills.

Dad 1
He took you to awesome places when you were a child. Now it’s your turn to scout for the most exciting ones. Image: Shutterstock/BigPixelPhoto.

Our pick: We recommend a forest escape in the lap of nature for the best bonding. If not tents, introduce him to Borneo, where you could spot wild orangutans or a pygmy elephant right from inside a luxurious eco-lodge, or visit the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre together.


He’s a fun one and you are sure to enjoy a destination where you can hit the comedy clubs (front row, of course) or a wax museum or trick-eye 3D painting place where both of you can do crazy photos that he’ll treasure more than anything.

Dad 4
He’s all set to live it up. Can you match his energy and enthusiasm? Image: Shutterstock/MaplesImages.

Our pick: London, which has it all, from atmospheric pubs and excellent stand-up acts to Madame Tussaud’s and the London Eye. Of course, with his style and flamboyance, he might just become a local attraction himself!  


Whether he has the handlebar moustache and beard to match or not, you know he is a hipster at heart. And nothing will make him happier than heading somewhere where he can save the world and drink some grade A artisanal coffee while he’s at it! Book yourselves a volunteering programme in an exotic country, check into an energy efficient hotel, rent a bike for the week, find ways to recycle as you go, and you’ll give him his dream vacay.

Dad 2
Let his free spirit charm everyone he meets on your trip together and you’ll make friends everywhere you go. Image: Shutterstock/Disobey Art.

Our pick: San Francisco, which is probably his soul spot, will gladden his heart with its carefully curated menus, politically correct banter, inclusive scene, and unbound creativity. Grab some great coffee at Four Barrel or Sightglass, smoke up together at Mission Dolores Park, get an artisanal cocktail at Trick Dog. If he’s over Alcatraz already, head to lesser known but more esoteric sights such as the Wave Organ (where the ocean plays you music), the Peephole Cinema where you can take turns to watch vignettes from silent film from a hole in the wall, or the staircase of mosaic tiles that connects two gardens that are host to the native Green Hairstreak butterfly (great views of the city at the top and a chance to feel good that you helped the environment!).

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