Jacqui Gifford: ‘Mr Oberoi’s legacy on the global travel industry is unmatched’

Editor-in-chief, Travel + Leisure, Jacqui Gifford has her finger on the pulse of the travelverse. She offers insights on PRS Oberoi’s sphere of influence around the globe.
Jacqui gifford, prs oberoi, biki oberoi, oberoi hotels
Jacqui Gifford during a visit to India. Image: Courtesy Jacqui Gifford.

As the Editor-in-Chief of Travel + Leisure, Jacqui Gifford wields considerable clout in the hospitality biz. Japan-born, Princeton-educated, she has a global perspective.

Prs oberoi, biki oberoi, oberoi hotels
Doyen of Indian hospitality: PRS ‘Biki’ Oberoi. Image: Courtesy Oberoi Hotels.

She says, “Mr Oberoi’s impact on bringing American travellers to India — having them experience a true sense of local hospitality and warmth at his hotels and resorts — can never be quantified. These properties became homes away from home for Travel + Leisure readers, many of whom became repeat guests. His legacy on the global travel industry is unmatched.”

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