In pursuit of easy drinking with India’s first hard seltzer, PURSUE

Hard seltzers make an entry in India with PURSUE from Mandovi Distilleries and Breweries Pvt Ltd.
Pursue, india's first hard seltzer, was launched in goa recently
PURSUE, India’s first hard seltzer, was launched in Goa recently

Hard seltzer is a refreshing blend of sparkling water, fruit flavouring and alcohol. It’s low calorie, low carbohydrate and gluten free. Invented in 1993, it had already stolen the show in the West from other light alcoholic refreshment alternatives and now makes an entry in India with PURSUE by Mandovi Distilleries and Breweries Pvt Ltd (MDBL).

The distillery

Operational for over 20 years, MDBL is Goa’s No. 1 distillery in terms of sales and employment. Apart from setting up a state-of-the-art, fully automated production line for PURSUE, they produce most of Diageo’s IMFLs like Royal Challenge, McDowell’s Signature and Antiquity Blue, apart from the recently launched and highly prestigious Epitome and Epitome X2 craft whiskies. 

Funky caps on bottles of pursue hard seltzer
Funky caps on bottles of PURSUE hard seltzer

Adhering to global ESG standards, the distillery is a zero-waste facility with high emphasis on recycled packaging, carbon-emission controls, worker safety, hygiene and women’s empowerment.

The process

Pursue being bottled in goa
PURSUE being bottled in Goa

Every alcoholic drink undergoes a fermentation process with the help of yeast and sugar. Sugar wash is the liquid that comes out of blending sugar, water and yeast. As time goes by, the yeast that loves feeding on the sugar grows and converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide (CO2). PURSUE uses cane sugar (sucrose), a disaccharide as it combines two sugar units. This also makes the fermentation process longer. Next, the filtered fermented sugar wash produces a flavourless, odourless and colourless alcohol base. A natural flavour extract adds the aroma and aftertaste. After that follows carbonation, which is basically infusing spring water with CO2 under pressure for the bubbly effect. 

The man behind the drink

PURSUE is the creation of Anish Reddy, a fourth-generation entrepreneur from Chennai whose family supplied canned fruits to the British Indian Army during World War II. Anish shuffles between Chennai, Miami and London and PURSUE is his passion project. After moving from Miami, where hard seltzer was always a part of the bar, he saw the need for an alternative in India. Eighteen months later, after ample research and development, PURSUE has launched in Goa with four interesting flavours: Peach and White Tea, Mango Chilli, Strawberry and Rose, and Mosambi and Mint. 

Pursue was launched at a musical evening at frida cantina in miramar
PURSUE was launched at a musical evening at Frida Cantina in Miramar

PURSUE is a conversation starter, according to Anish. With a subtle flavour and only 5 percent alcohol, hard seltzer is an attempt to make drinking more fun and avoid the perils of getting drunk after two pegs. Alcohol has always been a social habit but PURSUE hopes to be an easier choice with its mild nature, great packaging and delectable flavours.

PURSUE soft launched at Frida Cantina in Miramar in an evening of live music, Mexican food and conversations about pursuing a place where dreams come true.

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