‘In Lazio with Love’: This dreamy Italian province will pay you to get married there!

The regional authorities of Lazio have allocated a total fund of €10 million for the scheme, which is open to both Italians and foreigners, who marry in the region this year.
Make your dream of getting married in rome true.
Make your dream of getting married in Rome true. Image: Shutterstock/IVASHstudio.

Planning a wedding is an expensive affair, especially if you’ve always dreamed of heading to the altar in Rome. Right? Not really! Now is your chance to plan your dream Italy wedding, as the country’s capital region, Lazio, is paying engaged couples to get married there.

As part of the ‘Nel Lazio con Amore’ or ‘In Lazio with Love’ scheme, 5,000 local Italian as well as international couples are eligible to receive €2,000 (INR1,68,000) each for planning their nuptials in the region. The money can be redeemed on services and arrangements, including wedding planners, outfits, venues, catering, flowers, car hire, and photographer. One can even claim a refund of a maximum of €700 for honeymoon!

The beautiful capri island by the tyrrhenian sea.
The beautiful Capri island by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Image: Shutterstock/Lesia Popovych.

A total fund of €10 million (approx. INR84 crores) has been allotted by the authorities for the scheme, which has been introduced to salvage Lazio’s wedding sector from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The offer runs through December 31, 2022, and requires one to complete the application in Italian before claiming the refund money, which must be spent with only Lazio-based firms. To receive refunds, couples can make their requests by providing a maximum of five receipts.

From the Eternal City of Rome to lesser-explored sites like the beautiful coastal beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea or the jaw-dropping ancient Etruscan tombs of Cerveteri, options are aplenty if you wish to pick the wedding venue of your dreams in Lazio. But act fast, the applications are filling up super fast! For more info, visit the official website here.

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