How Manoj Mathew is challenging the status quo to make Tamara the finest

New bonds of trust and teamwork are created in Tamara to offer exemplary guest experience.

When checking into a luxury hotel, a guest today isn’t merely looking at the pandemic-induced safety measures, the cosy bedding, or the good food. They seek something more: An experience that will position the guest as responsible and accountable. The upscale accommodations of Tamara offer just that. 

Manoj mathew, vice president – operations, tamara leisure experience pvt. Ltd.
Manoj Mathew, Vice President – Operations, Tamara Leisure Experience Pvt. Ltd.

In an exclusive interaction with TravelDine, Manoj Mathew, Vice President – Operations, Tamara Leisure Experience Pvt. Ltd., talks about how he and his team are challenging all assumptions to make Tamara the finest.

“Our guests are no longer seeking out the size of the room, the view from the room or the meal plans. They are looking for curated experiences which will rejuvenate and revive them and make their stays memorable. Experience curators at each of our resorts are making itineraries for our guests to make them truly memorable,” says Mathew.

Tamara leisure experiences is committed to promoting sustainable tourism.
Tamara Leisure Experiences is committed to promoting sustainable tourism.

The pandemic has also paved way for transformation in the way Tamara works. Mathew, who has lived and breathed hospitality for over three decades, says, “Going back to basics and working with constraints did cramp our style initially, especially when we are in the luxury segment. However, the perceptible change in customer expectations, behaviour, and needs, helped us reconfigure the service designs and product offerings. The entire team re-looked at the dynamics and synergy between departments. This created new bonds of trust and teamwork in the organisation.”

In an effort to promote sustainability, Tamara embarked on initiatives like steering clear of single-use plastics, harnessing solar power, and recycling waste. 

“These were noticed and appreciated by our guests. They are keen to observe these activities at the hotel during their stay, which was not evident earlier,” says Mathew.

Shedding light on sustainable food consumption trends, Mathew explained that chefs at Tamara are being constantly asked to offer cuisines that retain their nutritional values and flavours. 

“The concept of mindful eating is slowly gaining ground and the buffet layouts have more healthy options than ever before. Ethnic cuisines are most sought after, which includes organically grown produce and local herbs and spices,” he says.

To set the seal on exemplary guest service even during tough times, the brand ensured that its staff are well equipped to attend to the needs of the customers. In 2021, Tamara introduced Moodle, an online training and assessment platform for associates. 

The brand digitized learning and training modules and made it more efficient and interactive. Several operational processes were also digitized to improve both efficiency and paperless transactions. 

“Self-motivated and happy employees can take the guest experiences to a new level. As an organisation, we are committed to a sustainable model of hospitality from the planning stage by setting goals and targets to achieve these sustainable results in alignment with the Global Sustainable Development Goals,” says Mathew.

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