Fire up your meals with Kaatil – The latest hot sauce on the block!

The hot condiment brand Kaatil is set to bring the heat to your table and kitchen with its hot sauces that highlight the variety of Indian chillies.
Brand kaatil
Brand Kaatil has hot sauces made from Indian chillies that are guaranteed to add flavour to your food. Image: Courtesy Kaatil.

Packed with the punch of unique Indian chillies, Kaatil has produced versatile products that add zing to your food. With hot condiments that introduce and highlight the variety of Indian chillies, the brand aims to change the world’s perspective on Indian ingredients by introducing a wide variety of products using only Indian chillies.

The pandemic allowed Sagar Merchant, Founder, Kaatil, to mull over creating an FMCG brand — a brand that introduces the vast variety of Indian chillies to people all over the world using familiar vehicles of condiments and sauces.

From mild to wild

Despite being the land of a variety of chillies, the global food market has limited experimentation options for true hot food from India, which is what lay the foundation of Kaatil — a hot condiment brand to #KillTheBoring! Each Kaatil product introduces consumers to condiments that can be used to amp-up all meals.

Kaatil sauces and condiments
The sauces and condiments from Kaatil use Indian chillies to their highest potential and offer tastes like never before. Image: Courtesy Kaatil.

The products are named numerically, and this format is inspired by the global ranking system for Hot Food. Each product is numbered based on the heat level in the respective category and the numbers will increase as the heat rises. For instance: Hot Sauce No.7 is hotter than Hot Sauce No. 4.

Merchant explains, “The irony is that people worldwide relish hot but not spicy (masaledar) food and Indian food is considered to be the latter. My motive with Kaatil is to present the world with varieties of Indian chillies that are widely available but not used to their highest potential. Each type of chilly has a lot to offer as different varieties are distinct in terms of ingredient, processing, region, and traditional use. It’s not only chutneys, pickles, and the cliche red and green chilli sauces anymore.”

Kaatil kills it with hot flavours

Kaatil hot sauce
From breakfast sandwiches to dinner add-ons, Kaatil adds a punch to every meal. Image: Courtesy Kaatil.

Kaatil products that will be retailed include a mild Hot Ketchup No. 2, made with complex Sankeshwari chillies and two hot sauce options for heat lovers. Hot Sauce No.4 is made with a blend of South India’s favourite Byadgi and Guntur chillies and the other Hot Sauce is a rich and flavourful sauce of Lavangi chillies, No.7 which has its own is packed with spark. The products are priced at INR 275.

Allowing for palate preferences, Kaatil suggests that those who don’t like really hot flavours increase their tolerance with Hot Ketchup No. 2 while progressively moving up the ladder to the Hot sauce and other Hot Condiments.

The heat is certainly on with Kaatil’s sauces and condiments, and seems to be the perfect way to add more flavour to your food.

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