Home delivery of alcohol to start in Delhi

Amendments to excise rules will allow home delivery of alcohol, while bars and restaurants will now be allowed to serve alcohol in open spaces at these establishments.

With Covid-19 changing how we do things across nearly every aspect of life, finally, government policies are also starting to reflect this shift. The Delhi government has notified amendments to excise rules, which will now allow home delivery of alcohol from certain license holders for orders placed online through an app or website. As part of the amendments, restaurants and bars will now be allowed to serve alcohol in open spaces attached to these establishments.

Home delivery of alcohol
Bars and restaurants will now be allowed to serve alcohol in open spaces at these establishments, a very relevant move in these times.

While home delivery of alcohol has been successful in cities such as Mumbai and Kolkata, Delhi had been lagging behind owing to several restrictions in place. The new amendments will go a long way to improve the alcohol buying experience in the capital.

The Delhi Excise (Amendment) Rules 2021, published in a gazette notification, state that holders of the L-13 license will be allowed to deliver alcohol to homes. “The licensee shall make the delivery of liquor at the residences only if order is received through mobile app or online web portal and no delivery shall be made to any hostel, office, and institution,” the notification said.

These amendments will also allow microbreweries in the city to operate takeaway service for draught beer, serve in events and sell to restaurants and bars directly.

Restaurants and bars will also be now allowed to serve alcohol in open spaces at the establishments. “The licensee may serve any Indian liquor or foreign liquor at any area within the premises of the restaurant, including open spaces viz. terrace/balcony/lower area of restaurant (same applies to hotels and pubs), if any, specified and endorsed on its licence subject to the condition that the liquor serving area shall be screened off from public view,” said the notification.

While the move to allow home delivery of alcohol has been lauded by bodies such as the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC), certain political parties and the Confederation of All India Traders have criticized the government for prioritising the alcohol sector.

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