Choose your liquor in the lap of luxury

A new, first-of-its-kind liquor retail store is set to launch in Delhi. With renowned brands, merchandise, customised mixers, alcohol vending machines and an in-store café, it promises to be a grand experience for the discerning buyer.

Shopping for alcohol in India, for the most part, can be quite an unpleasant experience. Many outlets have patrons waiting in long queues (longer now, during the pandemic), jostling for space and hardly getting an opportunity to browse. And for retailers that offer customers the chance to browse, often, there’s a dearth of good buying advice.

If you’re particular about how you shop for your liquor, there’s some great news. A new, first-of-its-kind luxury liquor shopping experience is coming to the national capital.

Delhi liquor co
Spread across 3,000 sq. ft, the store will house an extensive range of brands from across the world, alongside merchandise, vending machines and an in-store cafe, among others.

Delhi Liquor Co, with the launch of its first outlet at South Square Mall in Sarojini Nagar, will introduce a bespoke one-stop destination that aims to provide an unparalleled liquor shopping experience. Spread across 3,000 sq. ft, the store will not only stock rare and renowned brands from across the world, but also offer unique beverage-related products and services. From glassware and bar tools to merchandise from renowned brands, an entire range of related products sounds promising.

An in-store café will look to further enhance the experience, with ready-to-add cocktail mixers or snacks on offer. The mixers will be customised as per customer requirements and packaged to take away.

Importantly, there will be a team of trained professionals to assist customers with buying decisions, recommending liquors to pair with all kinds of occasions. There will also be the option of having someone from the team take customers through the entire range while lounging about in the café. Talk about luxurious shopping!

In-store cafe
Patrons will be able to order customised, ready-to-add mixers at the in-store cafe and take it away.

If you’re in a rush, you could also avail of the vending zone, the biggest USP of the store. Here, automated vending machines with digital displays and connected smartphone apps will allow shoppers to make a quick purchase on the go. Those who want to experience the joy of shopping remotely, an app will allow patrons to browse the entire catalogue, as well as provide useful pointers on pairing possibilities.

Need further enticement? Patrons will also have the option to register as members, which will accrue membership points on every purchase. The points can be redeemed for limited offers, gifts and access to special events as well.

If you want to make the liquor buying experience as much fun as consuming it, the Delhi Liquor Co. is an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

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