Planning a weekend getaway? These Google Maps tips ensure a smooth road trip!

Make the most of your next road trip with these quick and easy Google Maps tips.
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Plan the perfect road trip with Google Maps tips. Image: Shutterstock/Soloviova Liudmyla.

Road trips are full of adventures. Whether you are planning a last-minute getaway to the nearest hill station, a short break to your favourite beach destination, or a weekend reunion to see friends and family, here are some Google Maps tips to make the most of your road adventure.

8 Google Maps tips to plan a road trip like a pro:

Ditch the rush hours

Traffic can be unpredictable, and can cause unnecessary delays. Make sure you don’t get stuck in maddening traffic by picking the time with least rush. Set the time you would like to depart or arrive by to see how long it’ll take you to get to your destination.

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Discover the best routes with least traffic. Image: Shutterstock/EpicStockMedia.

Avoid routes with tolls

Avoid toll roads when navigating to your destination. To steer clear of tolls completely, simply tap on the three dots at the top right corner of your directions in Google Maps and see your route options by selecting ‘Avoid tolls.’ The app is even starting a feature soon that will show you the estimated toll price before you start navigating to help you compare the options and select the best route!

Pick your pitstops

Plan your complete journey at once by adding up to 10 stops in a single trip with multi-stop directions on the app. Enter a destination, tap the corner menu, and then tap “Add stop”. You can even rearrange the order of your stops. Just figure out what all places you would like to explore en route!

Plan activities with your group

Use the ‘Saved’ tab to create custom lists of favourite places you’ve been and places you want to visit and even share your lists with others. You can even share your real-time location with your group to make it easier to meet up or find one another if you get separated.

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Plan group activities and decide your breaks together along the drive! Image: Shutterstock/Jacob Lund.

Try voice navigation in local languages

Out on a solo trip? Enjoy a hands-free (and eyes-free) experience by simply saying “Ok Google” followed by a voice command without bothering to tap or even glance at the device. The feature is available in eight Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Urdu. To select your preferred language, select Navigation Settings, and then change through the Voice Selection option.

Use offline maps in no-service areas

No service? No problem. You can find your way even if you have patchy reception or an expensive data plan. Download a map of an area in advance so you can still access directions and turn-by-turn navigation even if you can’t get online.

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Use offline maps for navigation in no-service areas. Image: Shutterstock/oatawa.

Get entertainment en route

No more toggling between navigation app and your music player to get the tunes going during your journey. Stream music from Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and more on your phone right from Google Maps!

Search along your route

Use Google Maps to search for petrol pumps, popular restaurants, public restrooms, and literally every place you might need to make a quick stop at along the drive. This way, you can manage your breaks and tasks without taking a detour.

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