The Great Indian Road Trip: 5 thrilling routes with crazy hairpin bends!

With sharp high-altitude bends and mind-blowing views, these roads in India lead you straight to the ‘adventure land’!

Sure, we all love road trips. Who doesn’t like a long, smooth drive peppered with calming countryside views and cool breeze running through your hair, right? Well, for some, there’s nothing like navigating through winding roads, bracing an unexpected storm or making way through sharp deadly hairpin bends. If the latter piqued your interest, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the great Indian road trip through some of the most adventurous routes in the country — it is going to be a bumpy ride!

5 adventurous routes in India for your next road trip

Kolli Hill Road, Tamil Nadu

Kolli hill road | best road trips in india
Kolli Hill Road is famous for its deadly hairpin bends. Image: Shutterstock/SurangaLK.

The 50-km road along the Kolli Hills in Tamil Nadu’s Namakkal district is most popular for its insane bends! The route begins from Karavalli and ends at Solakkadu, taking you through Kolli Malai mountain. Meander through the winding road with 70 hairpin bends as you pass through tropical forests and take in the breathtaking panoramas.

Gata Loops, Ladakh

Drive to nakee la, one of ladakh's highest motorable passes
Drive to Nakee La, one of Ladakh’s highest motorable passes. Image: Courtesy Instagram/Streets of India.

Popular across the world for its adventurous, roller-coaster route, Gata Loops lead to Nakee La, one of the highest motorable passes in Ladakh. A long 10-km stretch of loopy road, it has 21 hairpin bends that fall at a height of 17,000 feet. Expect lots of stomach-churning twists paired with wonderful sights of the mammoth peaks. Add to it the spooky stories of being followed by a young man’s ghost en route, and you get the perfect road trip adventure. Pro tip: The challenging ride demands a sturdy vehicle so you may try the newly-launched Toyota Fortuner Legender!

Neral-Matheran Road, Maharashtra

Neral-matheran road is a mix of sharp turns and steep ascents
Neral-Matheran Road is a mix of sharp turns and steep ascents. Image: Courtesy Maharashtra Planet.

Located in Maharashtra’s Rajgarh district, the Neral-Matheran Road is a tricky route to drive one, but is equally rewarding. The narrow, serpentine road of 9km has zero fencing, sharp turns, steep ascents, and a sudden elevation gain from 40m above sea level to 800m as you reach your destination! Add to it the breathtaking views of the verdurous Western Ghats that make the journey all the more alluring.

Kinnaur Road, Himachal Pradesh

Kinnaur road connects sangla valley to the rest of india
Kinnaur Road connects Sangla Valley to the rest of India. Image: Shutterstock/anjalig04.

Mind you, this one isn’t for the faint-hearted. Carved out of extremely steep rock cliffs and blocked by frequent landslides at several points, the road to Kinnaur district connects Himachal’s Sangla Valley with the rest of the country. Drive along a deadly gorge of Baspa river as your journey takes many dramatic turns. The road gets narrower with each bend while the deserted moonland-like valley keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times, thanks to the jaw-dropping views.

Zuluk Zungzag Road, Sikkim

Zuluk zungzag road on the old silk route
Zuluk Zungzag Road on the Old Silk Route. Image: Shutterstock/Rudra Narayan Mitra.

With a whopping 100 hairpin bends along the stretch of 30 km, the Zuluk Zungzag Road in Sikkim is as adventurous as Indian road trips get! The spiral road takes you to the little village of Zuluk on the Old Silk Route that leads all the way to Tibet. Enjoy the twists along the three-level zigzag route that comes with sudden drops and make your way to Thambi viewpoint at 11,200 feet above sea level to soak in the scenery.

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