Glenmorangie colours whisky different

Glenmorangie’s new campaign, partnered with photographer Miles Aldridge, looks to appeal to wider and newer audiences.

Although the most popular spirit in India, whisky, has not really been represented to appeal to a wide category of consumers. Most brands including the premium ones have traditionally targeted male audiences and designed their approach accordingly. Now, Glenmorangie Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, with its new campaign, is looking to completely rehaul this approach.

Glenmorangie’s new campaign, with the tagline, “It’s kind of delicious and wonderful”, looks to appeal to wider audiences and invite entirely new demographics into its fold. Created in partnership with DDB Paris and renowned photographer Miles Aldridge, the campaign reimagines experiences from daily life as extraordinary moments.

Each of the scenes are awash in vivid colours and use highly stylised elements. There are also visual cues to the brand with anagrams of Glenmorangie present in each frame along with tributes to its spirit animal, the giraffe.

On the global campaign, Caspar Macrae, director of marketing and business development, the Glenmorangie Company, said, “There is a simple joy in sharing Glenmorangie’s delicious whisky. Inspired by the brand’s signature orange colour, the new campaign is a visual feast that throws open the wondrous world of Glenmorangie, for all to explore. We hope it will welcome more people to experience the delicious and wonderful way we look at life.”

Sophia Sinha, Head of Marketing, Moët Hennessy India, explained the campaign’s relevance to India. “Glenmorangie remains committed to creating delicious whisky for people to have wonderful moments with it. Stemming from this desire, the brand’s new campaign is young, unpretentious, and inclusive, thereby portraying the simple joy of its whisky in such a colourful and unique way.”

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