Cocktails at your convenience

Smartphone-controlled devices from Barsys bring the professional mixologist experience right to your home.

Whether you’re hosting a party, spending some quality time with family or simply looking to liven up a Sunday afternoon, cocktails are a great way to celebrate just about any occasion. But unless you’re a trained mixologist, how do you get your hands on a well-made cocktail at home? It was this question that inspired Akshet Tiwari, CEO and founder of Barsys, to start looking for a solution back in 2014.

At the time, Tiwari was a student at Manipal Institute of Technology, on the verge of completing his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Engineering. Naturally, the solution was tech oriented and the concept that kickstarted Barsys. After four years of extensive R&D, in 2018, he unveiled his company’s flagship product of the same name – a smart automated cocktail-making machine or robotic bartender.

Barsys 2. 0
Cocktails at your convenience 3
Barsys coaster
The Barsys 2.0 (top) is for those who want the full-fledged mixologist experience. The Barsys Coaster (bottom), seen here with the Barsys Mixer, is a more accessible and portable option.

The machine lets you use five kinds of base spirits and three kinds of mixers to create a wide range of cocktails. The Barsys smartphone app (available both on iOS and Android) connects to the device over Bluetooth and allows you to choose from over 2,000 recipes. Once you have the input ingredients in place, all you need to do is press a button and the robotic bartender pours out each ingredient precisely for the perfect cocktail, which is usually ready in under half a minute. For those who like to add their own twist to their drinks, there is also the option to customise. The Barsys 2.0 Mixer, which comes included, allows the device to shake or stir your drink and even aerate it. There are other thoughtful touches too, that add to the experience, such as a lighting feature that displays the progress of the cocktail-making process.

Priced at Rs 95,900, the Barsys 2.0 is manufactured in India and is covered by a one-year limited warranty with technical support. While this device is a full-fledged mixologist and bartender all in one, there’s yet another option from Barsys, for those who want something more portable.

With the Barsys Coaster, you can simply place a glass on the device and follow the instructions on the app to make your choice of cocktail. The device changes colour to guide the user when to start and stop pouring every ingredient. And if you want a little more technological help, opt for the Barsys Mixer which will automatically shake, stir or aerate your drink. With a price tag of Rs 5,500, the Barsys Coaster makes the cocktail experience even more accessible.   

If you’re curious about the Barsys universe, take a look at the Barsys app, which can be downloaded and used for free, without purchasing a device. Aside from the existing recipe library, an upcoming feature will also allow users to interact with others in the community and share cocktail lists.

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