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Malnad pork

Indian classic: Malnad pork

It may be referred to as the other pork dish from the land of coffee, but if there is a dish that waxes eloquence of a region’s rich culture and culinary supremacy,…

Chanda chakata

The irresistible Chanda Chakata

Chanda Chakata is the no bake cheesecake from Odisha that defines the phrase “no one can eat just one”. Here’s a closer look at a sweet that is also a prasad for…

Feast of the east durga puja thali

The feast of the east

When it comes to lavishness, history and Bengal’s culinary ingenuity, nothing quite lays the spread like the one during the nine-day festival of Durga Puja, including some fascinating legacy dishes, say chefs…

Navratri thali at imly

The food of the Navratri fast decoded

There is more to our vrat ka khana (food of the Navratri fast) than the religious explanation that is given of its existence and its continuing practice. “It’s been our tradition,” says…

Pujor mangsho

The concept of niramish mangsho (and machcha)

A concept that easily predates the celebration of Durga Puja, here’s what makes it such an integral part of the festivity, especially in the states of East and Northeast India  Meat or…


The charms of malai

Often referred to as Lord Krishna’s favourite, here’s why malai holds such a special place for us. And it’s not just for its taste but also its wellness properties.


Sadhya: A feast of wellness

As one of the finest formal meals of the Indian culinary book, sadhya is an excellent presentation of not just the food tapestry of Kerala and its local produce but also of our vedic wisdom of wellbeing.

Independence day sweets

India@75: The sweet connection to Independence

Away from the mainland fight of revolutionaries, our freedom struggle saw the rise of an unlikely ally – sweets and sweetmeat makers. This Independence Day, we look at their role and how it set the tone for our favourites.


Poha: The quintessential Indian breakfast

Sweet or savoury, there is no denying that when it comes to the first meal of the day, few dishes have the charm of a typical poha. Loved by all, what is it about this simple, rustic dish that makes it so beloved? We flake through.

Umami foods

Umami: A savoury sensation

A deep dive into the many reasons why the best minds in the business of food and cuisine are obsessed with this fifth taste and exceptional flavouring.

Heritage food

The rise of heritage food

A number of young chefs have returned to their cultural roots and brought back elements from Indian heritage food into their kitchens.

Torani pakhala

The wellness legacy of torani pakhala

This ancient superfood from eastern India has recently come into the spotlight for its numerous health benefits. Here’s why you should include it in your diet.

Rath yatra foods

Rath Yatra foods: Ramrochak Tarkari and Dala Kechuri

From being the key highlights of the temple cuisine in Baripada to the celebratory meal of Rath Yatra, here is a look at the enigmatic Dala Kechuri and Ramrochak Tarkari.

Mughals and mangoes 2

Mango: There is nothing ‘aam’ about the king of fruits

From the Nawabs of Lucknow to Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib, everyone had a favourite mango variety. India has over 1500 varieties of mangoes, which also means that most of us are perpetually…

Colour in food

Colour coding your food just right

Aside from creating the multi-sensory impression of taste and aroma, chromatics in food has a significant role in the concept of balanced meals.

Leaf therapy

Leaf therapy

Cooking in leaves has become a figurehead in the sustainable food movement, owing to it being safe, healthy and versatile.

French toast

The pleasurable pain (perdu)

Its calorie count may make this popular breakfast dish more of a brunch special, and yet, there are few Colonial dishes that give you that happy high like French toast does.