Vaccinated Indian travellers, head to Fiji for a quarantine-free beach vacation this season!

The island nation has reopened its shores for fully-vaccinated visitors from its Travel Partner Countries (TCP), including India.

Golden sands, glittering waters, scores of private islands, under-ocean marvels, and palm-fringed beaches lined with luxury resorts — Fiji looks like a surreal oceanic paradise. And if there ever was a good time to visit the dreamy archipelago, it is now.

Fiji is an oceanic paradise meant for lazy leisure trips.
Fiji is an oceanic paradise meant for lazy leisure trips. Image: Shutterstock/Martin Valigursky.

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The recent official update from Tourism Fiji and the High Commission of India, Fiji, states that the island nation has reopened to travellers from India, provided they are full-vaccinated (children under 18 can travel with a vaccinated adult) and arrive with a negative RT-PCR report within two days of departure or a rapid test taken within 24 hours of departure, a pre-paid itinerary, and proof of vaccination.

The official website of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport here adds that a three-night pre-paid accommodation proof at a Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) certified property, along with transportation as well as travel insurance and proof of having stayed in a travel partner country for 14 consecutive days are mandatory. Take a test on the second day of arrival, post which they are free to explore the island as a whole.

Fully-vaccinated indian travellers can now visit the island nation.
Fully-vaccinated Indian travellers can now visit the island nation. Image: Shutterstock/Don Mammoser.

Fiji has added India to its Travel Partner Countries (TPC) list, which is updated by the country’s Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism, and Transport. Following the announcement, Indians can now take one of the transit routes through Singapore and Australia to the island nation.

As per the Tourism Department statement, travellers can now go ahead and book in confidence with the Care Fiji Commitment, where they can fly on Fiji Airways, use certified transportation and experiences, stay in certified resorts, and be assured that all tourism businesses they come in to contact with have a 100% vaccinated staff.

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