Editor’s Letter — January 10, 2023

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Priya Pathiyan

Deputy Editor

How has 2023 been treating you so far? Have you got back into the swing of things at work and home? I find that the first week or two of the new year bring a certain freshness, one that spells hope and joy in a way you wouldn’t think the mere flipping of the calendar would.

Travel, 2023

Don’t you feel a new spring in your step, a tendency to make new plans, dream new dreams? Even the most blasé among us, who may sneer at Happy New Year text messages and making those disposable resolutions, find ourselves thinking ahead with that rare iota of idealism and excitement. It’s much like we feel when we travel for leisure, isn’t it?

Just like starting off the new year, waking up in a new bed in a new hotel, turning back the sheets and putting your feet on the ground, opens up a whole world of possibilities. It will still be the same action you’ve done all your life, but in a new place, it feels different. Very few who travel to see the world can escape this sensation. The enthusiasm bubbles and the mundane seems magical.

Travel, 2023

Our job is to keep that tingle of newness alive in you throughout the year. To bring you exciting regenerative experiences that help you see the world aglow through fresh eyes and a positive perspective so the sparkle stays on. This week, we not only share with you some excellent hotels that go above and beyond regular run-of-the-mill hospitality, an interview on how travel inspires music, but also divulge our own dream destinations, the ones where we hope to find our own Newtopia in 2023!