Drizzle & Dust some good old indulgence over those special dessert cravings

It’s a gourmet confectioneries state of mind at the latest entrant in the ever so sweet premium dessert space.
Who can stop themselves from devouring those adorable choux pastries?
Who can stop themselves from devouring those adorable choux pastries?

The perfect antidote to a long day, a special something for a loved one, or just one of many ways to self-care, a good dessert can cure just about anything. Even so, between the traditional, Western, and all things fusion, one could argue that the sweet treats have begun to reach a saturation point. 

That’s where Drizzle & Dust comes in! Courtesy Indulgent India Pvt. Ltd, Galleria Market, DLF Phase 4, Gurugram now welcomes the latest entrant in the premium desserts and confectionery segment. 

It’s the perfect place for all those craving something special! Be it sweets or delectable and mouthwatering savouries, Drizzle & Dust has got you covered. An innovative dessert bar with an exclusive seating space, the place strikes the perfect chord between casual yet classy. 

They've got the most indulgent dessert covered with some good old brownies!
They’ve got the most indulgent dessert covered with some good old brownies!

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It’s the go-to place for anyone looking to explore the delicious world of artisanal cakes, pastries and savouries. An elegant take on all the flavours that appeal to the Indian palette, it’s been refined just enough to make them unique.

Speaking on the occasion, Spokesperson of Drizzle & Dust says, “The idea to launch Drizzle & Dust as a niche and classy Dessert Bar, conceived with a view to delight consumers who crave for exclusive taste, flavours and attractive presentation coupled with specially crafted beverages. Our research has shown that dessert & savouries as a segment is gaining a special place for customers. Not only consumers crave for nice desserts but also love to experiment with new kinds of flavours and savouries. At Drizzle & Dust, our Chefs have experimented with new flavours for the discerning consumers which are a complete surprise!” 

Need something to balance out the desset? There's some d&d chicken puff to look forward to!
Need something to balance out the desset? There’s some D&D Chicken Puff to look forward to!

The spokesperson also highlighted some of the main attractions of the dessert bar, including a red velvet cake with a surprise! There’s also the New Age Pineapple, a dish that resembles a cheesecake to the T, but is far from one. 

Of course, with dishes as premium and gourmet as these, one can expect substantial amounts of work at the foundational level. The expertise of the chefs in the kitchen with consistent R&D and product development has gone a long way in creating the range and making it what it is.

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Fresh fruit tarts make for the best kind of refreshing desserts
Fresh Fruit Tarts make for the best kind of refreshing desserts

Savoury fans can look forward to some baked goodies like the artisanal breads, that have a special in-house recipe. There’s also an array of inspired confectioneries to choose from, that make a delightful pair with the beverages.

According to the spokesperson, Drizzle & Dust is the maiden bar by the company, with plans afoot to launch a few more bars in the coming months.

What seals the sweet deal is that Drizzle & Dust makes for a pocket-friendly affair. The space is perfect for anyone looking for perfectly crafted desserts, or even a gourmet light meal. 

Need we say more? 

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