Craving chaat? Order home delivery from ITC’s Chaat and Chat menu

ITC Hotels has launched delivery of chaat in eight cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai

You know how people ask you to say ‘cheese’ when they are clicking a picture. I get the same expression when I say ‘chaat’ and the grin becomes even bigger when presented with the said ‘chaat’. For most of us in India, chaat is more than just a snack – it’s a way of life. It can be had anytime. I have had it for breakfast, as an afternoon snack and even skipped lunch or dinner to have chaat instead. What makes chaat so delightful is that it is sweet, sour, tangy, spicy and crunchy — all at the same time.

Golgappas are a personal favourite. I would happily have golgappas as my last meal. Last year post the lockdown, the first thing I did was to go looking for golgappas. This year, ITC Hotels has taken care of the chaat craving that a lot of people like me have been having during the current lockdown.

The golgappas (panipuri in Mumbai and puchka in Kolkata) come with two types of water — narangi which is sweet and sour and teekha mirch jal jeera which is spicy

As part of their Gourmet Couch selection, ITC Hotels has launched a Chaat and Chat menu, evocative of the joyous chatter that accompanies a plate or several plates of chaat. The menu is available in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Agra and Jaipur for home delivery.

I tried everything from the menu. The golgappas (panipuri in Mumbai and puchka in Kolkata) come with two types of water – narangi which is sweet and sour and teekha mirch jal jeera which is spicy. I like to mix the two waters and have it together. Even at a street side golgappa vendor, I always ask him ‘meetha mila ke’ (mix some sweet water). The golgappas come with a boiled potato and chana (chickpea) filling and are crisp and crunchy. Priced at Rs 350 for a serving of 12.

No chaat meal can be complete without papdi chaat, where crisp wheat discs or papdi is covered with spiced boiled potatoes, saunth (tamarind chutney), yoghurt and mint chutney. The yogurt and the chutneys come separately so you can add as much as you like. Price: Rs 300.

Papdi chaat
No chaat meal can be complete without papdi chaat

I personally enjoyed the dahi gujiya and the kachodi with dahi haldi ke aloo the most. The dahi gujiya is soft and juicy, dipped in yoghurt and saunth with pomegranate seeds as garnish. Price: Rs 300 for three pieces. The onion kachodi served with potatoes in yoghurt curry tempered with turmeric was truly the highlight. The kachodis were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside while the dahi haldi ke aloo reminded one of chaat as breakfast in Varanasi. Price: Rs 350 for four pieces.

A Delhi chaat menu will always have chana kulcha. While the kulchas were soft and delicious, I found the chana a little salty. Price: Rs 350 for four kulchas.  

And of course, no menu is complete without something sweet. The Chaat and Chat menu offers gulab jamun for Rs 225 for two pieces. They are super soft and dipped in sweet chashni, just the way gulab jamuns should be.

The menu also has a platter priced at Rs 975 that has a sampling of all the preparations and serves two people.

Everything is hygienically packed in sustainable packaging with no plastic.

ITC Maurya is serving Gurgaon and Noida only for bulk orders. The menu is available from 11:30am to midnight.

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