A comforting bite of Bangalorean heritage

On your next trip to Bangalore, be sure to check out these heritage eateries guaranteed to satisfy those traditional filter kaapi and set dosa cravings!

We love the city that we’ve grown up in. The familiarity of the place, the locations, the streets, and the people is what makes it all feel like home. 

But some places rise above the lanes of comfort, which unexpectedly make you embrace it all and fall in love with a city. It becomes a place you’d go back to on any given day. That’s what Bangalore is.

Bangalore, or Bengaluru as the purists like to refer to it, is infamous for its vast IT hub built over the years. The city has grown into a fine blend of work and respite. The homely streets sheathed by canopies of trees, the lingering scent of fresh dosas being prepared early in the morning and of course, the filter kaapi, are one of the few things that have retained their charm over decades. 

Standing strong on the list of things to visit Bangalore for are a few heritage eateries that have stood the test of time and attract people, majorly because of the homely vibe that they hold.

Mavalli Tiffin Room

Located on Lalbagh Road across the Botanical Gardens, Mavalli Tiffin Room was founded in 1924 by Parampalli Yagnanarayana Maiya. Following their move from Kota to Bengaluru, they started out with a small makeshift stall that served coffee and idli, then called the Brahmin Coffee Club. Credited to have founded the ‘rava idli’ during the second world war, this Bangalorean heaven is loved for its 97-year-old interiors and the bronze tumblers that hold their signature filter coffee. 

If you’re looking for an authentic Kannadiga Brahmin Meal, make sure to try the Rava Idlis, the Khara Bhaat and the Masala Dosas. For the sweet tooth cravings, there’s Kesari Bhaat made from semolina, vermicelli, dry fruits, and topped with saffron. The triangular shaped Chandrahara, made out of maida and served with warm milk well flavoured with pistachios, is a must try. 

The thalis introduced in 1997 boast nearly 30 items on a single platter. With a menu as delicious as this, the 2,500 walk-ins on weekends and 1500 other coffee lovers are hardly surprising. So those planning to visit, make sure you get there ahead of time.

Vidyarthi Bhavan

If you don’t filter kaapi in Bangalore, why visit the city at all?

A prime heritage spot in Gandhi Bazar, Basavanagudi, Vidyarthi Bhavan essentially began as an eatery for students in the area. Set up in 1943 by Venkataramana Ural, the place is now run by Arun Kumar Adiga, a telecom engineer who left his job to take over the family business. 

He confirms that the interiors of the place have remained unchanged. The undoubted highlight of the menu is the Benne Masala Dose. Made using red rice, urad dal and fenugreek seeds, served with potato palya and coconut chutney, along with ‘saagu’ which is mixed vegetables minus the onion and garlic; it’s definitely what draws large crowds.

The best dosas in Bangalore, hands down.

They make nearly 2200 dosas during the weekends, with a set of 20 dosas being churned out every 10 mins, tops. For those looking for food apart from dosas, there’s plenty of Rava Upma, and Puris served with Saagu Masale to go around!

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

A restaurant with a menu so wholesome, it’s stood the test of Bengaluru’s culinary waters for 56 years!

“This is the best chutney I have ever had”, is a not an uncommon statement often heard from those who have visited this famous Bangalore joint. 

The place’s charm lies in its rustic vibe with wooden windows, legendary coffers, and a menu as limited as 8 items. So much so, that there’s hardly ever any place to sit or even keep your plates. 

This place was established in 1965 by K.V. Nagesh Rao and his wife K.N. Saraswati, now all of 89 years young. This place also serves excellent chutney, personally supervised by K.N. Saraswati herself, along with other items like idli, vada, kesari bhath, khara bhath, and even badam milk. If you’re on the lookout for a quick and filling meal, this is the place for you.

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Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan

For those looking for a delicious meal on a lazy morning, this is the best Bangalore has to offer. 

Founded by H.V. Janardhanaiah, this 95-year-old-place serves authentic and truly sumptuous south Indian food. It doesn’t hurt that the menu is very easy on your pocket. The ambient vintage interiors of the place will instantly make you feel at home. 

Do try their bet Masala Dosas, Idli Vadas served with amazing coconut chutney and sambhar. On a day of indulgent cravings, the decadent Badami Halwa and gulab jamuns will not disappoint you.

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Central Tiffin Room

Benne Masala Dosa in Bangalore? Yes please!

Founded by Y.V. Subramanyam and his brothers, Y.V. Srikanteshwaran, Y.V. Krishna Iyer and Y.V. Ramachandran in the 1920s, this Bangalore food stop is also known as Sri Sagar Hotel. 

Nestled in the streets of Malleshwaram area, the restaurant is widely known for their Chow Chow Bhath (a meal that comprises Rava Kesari Bhath, Khara Bhath and coconut chutney), Benne Masala Dosas and much more. If you’re looking for a great breakfast, this place should definitely feature high on your list! 

They also serve snacks that are a must for those looking to eat on the go, including Maddur Vadas and Goli Baje (Mangalore Bajjis), served only after 4pm. Visit this place only if you’re fully prepared to keep an eye open for an empty seat, as you will most likely never find one!

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