Burst that bubble

A ‘dramatic’ innovation, the Flavour Blaster, is taking the cocktail world by storm. The Little Easy in Mumbai’s Bandra gets on trend and has launched four unique signature cocktails using the new tech.

Every so often come along innovations that make our lives easier. Then there are those which are purely for fun. Much like the Flavour Blaster. This unique cocktail equipment was conceptualised by a UK-based company, JetChill, also known for its unique products such as Ripple, a wi-fi enabled machine that prints designs onto foam-topped beverages using coffee extract and the GlassChill Machine, which perfectly chills, cleans and frosts glasses.

The Little Easy, a bar located in Mumbai’s Bandra, has adopted this new ‘dramatic’ piece of tech and has launched a range of Flavour Blaster cocktails. Tipplers in the city will have the option of choosing from one of four new kinds of these specially created cocktails – the Gingerella, Ballantine’s Day, the Ga-Ga Grapefruit and the Brosmary.

The Flavour Blaster is a lightweight, easy-to-use bubble gun that can be charged via a USB cable. It has a tank that can be filled with an aroma of choice. The device heats the contents of the tank to produce vapour and the nozzle is then dipped into a solution called Bubble X. The vapour is filled into the bubble, which can last up to three minutes. The vapour-filled bubble is put on the rim of a glass containing a cocktail and popping the bubble releases the vapour onto the cocktail, making for a delicious and dramatic experience.

While JetChill offers a total of 12 flavours in aromas, including a neutral, scent-free cloud, the Little Easy is currently using four different kinds for the bubbles – ginger, mixed berry, grapefruit and burnt rosemary – for its signature Flavour Blaster cocktails.

If you needed a reason to head out for cocktails, need we say more?

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