Christmas movies of 2021 that will make you want to travel!

Grab the popcorn and stream these latest Christmas movies to travel through the world with them.

The holiday season is here, and so is the time to binge on Christmas movies! Make yourself a cup of hot chocolate, grab the popcorn, and go on a holiday movie marathon with these 2021 flicks that make your heart wander off to beautiful, far-off Christmassy lands.

Christmas movies to stream this holiday season

Love Hard

Christmas movies

Up for a Netflix rom-com? Love Hard unfolds when Natalie (played by Nina Dobrev) who blogs her not-so-successful dating life in LA for a website, flies all the way to New York to spend the holiday season with her hot Tinder match, only to realise she has been catfished by a rather dorky (read sweet and nice Jimmy O’Yang) friend of the man in the profile. They shake hands for their own individual benefits, but a series of fun twists and goof-ups bring them closer. Take a trip with Dobrev from LA to New York and watch the streets of Big Apple glistening with holiday glow in this delightful flick. Watch trailer here.

A Castle for Christmas

Christmas movies

A successful writer (Brooke Shields) wants to buy an on-sale castle in Scotland that she fell in love with. What can possibly go wrong, right? Only that the charming, but grumpy Duke (Cary Elwes) refuses to move out, and the two are forced to spend the Christmas season together under one roof! Expect royalty, romance, Christmassy vibe, and of course, the stunning backdrops of Scotland — think stunning coasts, rolling hills, pristine lochs, and of course, the magnificent castle. Watch trailer here.

8-Bit Christmas

Christmas movies

Take a trip back in time with this one! Set in the 1980s, a 10-year-old embarks on a quest to get the latest and greatest video game system for Christmas. It’s an overload of humour as well as a nostalgia trip, and takes one through the 80’s Chicago draped in powered snow, Christmas decorations, and what seems like a Nintendo NES console fever. What’s more? Neil Patrick Harris plays the grown-up version of the boy and makes you want to take a trip to the Illinois city just by being in the movie! Watch trailer here.

A Naija Christmas

Christmas movies

Three Christmas romances clubbed into one? Yes, please! The hilarious Netflix flick follows the lives of three Nigerian brothers, Ugo, Chike, and Obi living in Lagos, whose sickness-stricken mother (played by late Rachael Oniga) just has one wish: to see her sons married before the Christmas! Nollywood movies are bound to be hilarious and this one doesn’t disappoint. Furthermore, the vibrant life and culture, holiday festivities, throbbing nightlife, and breathtaking scenery of Lagos will take your breath away. Watch trailer here.

A Boy Called Christmas

Christmas movies

A whimsical adaptation of Matt Haig’s beloved children’s book, A Boy Called Christmas is an adventure tale of a boy named Nikolas who sets out on a snowy quest to find his long-lost father, who’s said to be in the fantastical elf village known as Elfhelm. Expect no less than a vast, frozen Narnia-like land and in it, everything Christmassy that you can possibly imagine: from reindeer, ginger bread cookies, mistletoes, snowflakes, to elves, sledges, and a bit of magic. Watch trailer here.

A California Christmas: City Lights

Christmas movies

While Netflix’s idyllic holiday romance film A California Christmas was about the time when Callie and Joseph (played by spouses Josh and Lauren Swickard) fell in love, the sequel to the popular movie is about what happens next. The romance between the two, now running a gorgeous dairy farm and winery, were put to test when business and family obligations call Joseph back to the city, with the wedding bells on the calendar. Between the charming rustic life in the outskirts of Petaluma with far-stretched farms and lush wineries, and the dazzling city life of San Francisco brimming of all kinds of luxuries, it’s going to be a hard pick for you, just like poor Joseph, to choose where you’d like to spend your Christmas! Watch trailer here.

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