Ladies are very strong and can stand a lot of pressure: Cholada Siddhivarn

As Director, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Mumbai, she is privy to two cultures and believes that the plus point of being a woman is her soft strength.


Cholada Siddhivarn, who came on board as Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai, in 2018, oversees the markets for western and southern India as well as Sri Lanka and the Maldives. While there was a pause in travel during the pandemic, now that Thailand is reopening and an India-Thailand air travel bubble has been created, she is focusing on boosting arrivals from India, encouraging women travellers to experience local attractions across Thailand.

Cholada sidhivarn, thailand

Sidhivarn has over 20 years of experience working with the Tourism Authority of Thailand since 1996. She was previously the Director of Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the Americas Marketing Group at the TAT head office in Bangkok. She has not faced significant gender bias or discrimination in either country but was struck by the fact that there weren’t as many women in the travel and tourism field as she was used to seeing back home. She has felt very welcome and comfortable in India.


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