Capitalising on the K-wave

The Korea Tourism Organisation brings key features of the country to Indian homes through a 4KXperience.

In tune with the flourishing Korean wave in India as it is across the world, the Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) has collaborated with multiple brands for a series of virtual Korean experiences, along with a social media contest and special offers on Korean products for Indian travellers mad about hallyu (a Chinese term which, when translated, literally means ‘Korean wave’, used to refer to the phenomenal growth of Korean culture and popular culture encompassing everything from music, movies, drama to online games and Korean cuisine).

With the current prevailing travel restrictions due to the pandemic, KTO decided to bring Korea to its Indian audience. The event which started on September 17, aims to create an experience that can be enjoyed by Korea lovers until November 15. It’s been designed as the perfect Korean escapade comprising K-Food, K-Pop, K-Beauty, K-Drama and Korean product discount offers.

Audience at a k-pop concert
Love Korea. Audience at a K-Pop concert make the mini heart finger sign to show support to the singers onstage. Image: Shutterstock/Boontoom Sae-Kor.

The K-Pop experience is a collaboration between KTO and AleXa, the rising K-Pop star from Korea and Shraey Khanna, a renowned dancer, choreographer, and singer from India. The Korean artist will be seen showcasing signature Korean dance moves where in return Shraey will be seen mirroring the Korean vibes with a dash of Bollywood.

The American-born, part-Korean performer AleXa is a rising K-pop star.

The four Ks

The K-Food experience will feature a well-known Bollywood actress taking up the challenge of cooking a delicious Korean meal in the popular OTT web series Star vs Food on Discovery+.

Traditional korean dish of bibimbap
The traditional Korean dish of Bibimbap has become popular in India too. Image: Shutterstock/Zarzamora.

The K-Beauty experience in collaboration with Innisfree, an eco-friendly makeup brand from the beautiful Jeju Island in South Korea, will showcase some Korean skincare tips in the masterclass.

Korean skincare and beauty products
Korean skincare and beauty products have caught the world’s fancy and India is a big market for them too.

K-Drama will showcase the inescapable Korean drama obsession taking over India especially in the lives of popular influencers who come from different walks of life like fashion, beauty, food, and entertainment.

Move to heaven
A promo poster for ‘Move to Heaven’, a popular K-drama this year.

These four KXperience elements will reflect in a pan-India social media contest, The K Challenge, powered by BookMyShow, India’s leading entertainment destination. Consumers will need to recreate their own versions inspired by the KXperience elements and upload the content on their social media channels with the event hashtags. Exciting gifts like Samsung phones, tablets and KTO’s special KXperience box await the winners.

In addition to these series of virtual experiences, to meet the Indian masses’ demands for a taste of Korean lifestyle, KTO has also collaborated with and CulturaGo offering special discounts on Korean products and online culture courses. A virtual tour by KTO is in the pipeline too.

Keiko Bang, Founder and CEO at data-driven digital strategists Millenasia, commented on this association, “We’re so thrilled to partner with KTO for this unique and innovative KXperience on BookMyShow. We think that the combination of Shraey Khanna and AleXa in particular is powerful and dynamic because they’re both such excellent dancers. Over the past few years, India has become the sixth largest country based on the amount of time spent per month on K-pop. In fact, Korean audiences have always admired the dancers in Bollywood movies and are starting to understand that both Korea and India share a tradition and love for song and dance. We look forward to more K-pop and Bollywood concerts and events in India once the worst of COVID-19 has passed.”

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