Roland Fasel: ‘Biki’s absolute commitment to the luxury and ultra-luxury brand is second to none’

With several decades dedicated to the ultra-luxury sector, Roland Fasel, COO, Aman, understands it like few others do. It takes one to know one, and he speaks glowingly of PRS Oberoi’s contribution.

A respected name in the ultra-luxury sector industry himself, having worked with prestigious brands such as Badrutt’s Palace in St Moritz and the Dorchester London, the Chief Operating Officer of Aman, is extremely knowledgeable about luxury and all its trappings.

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Roland Fasel knows what’s what when it comes to ultra-luxury hospitality. Image: Courtesy Aman.

He may have met PRS Oberoi only a couple of times but, he believes that the entire Oberoi family and brand he stands for is “extraordinary”. Fasel says, “His absolute commitment to the luxury and ultra-luxury brand is second to none.” According to him, even the selection process through which they hire people is second to none.

Prs oberoi, biki oberoi, oberoi hotels
Doyen of Indian hospitality: PRS ‘Biki’ Oberoi. Image: Courtesy Oberoi Hotels.

Working in the same luxury space, he has met many individuals who are products of the Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development. “I’ve had the privilege to work with them over the years, and seldom do you find a group, which has such a strength of belonging. The staff that is trained there has such pride and dedication to our business, all the passion and resilience necessary and that comes back to Mr Oberoi’s organisation,” Fasel appreciates.

In fact, he even goes to the extent of saying, “I wish, as an industry, we could be as dedicated to the development of the next generation across the globe as the Oberoi family has been!”

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