Bake a cookie with Chef Ravish Mishra

Cookies or biscuits, as we in India have conventionally called them, are among the handiest treats. They are the perfect companion with your morning or evening cuppa, be it sweet or savoury, can double up as a between-meals snack or work as an instant source of energy through a long day of hard work.

While we’re used to the savoury and sweet kinds mostly, there are new varieties available these days that contain ingredients which are beneficial to health. But perhaps the one resounding emotion that most people relate to when it comes to cookies is nostalgia, and how it transports them to their childhood days. It’s why cookies are a favourite with Ravish Mishra, Executive Chef, The Westin Goa.

Says the chef, “Cookies are that one dish that often transports people back to their growing up years. This is simply because very often they are found in a child’s school tiffin box. While some dough balls are indulgent, there are many healthier options and alternatives available, especially in today’s time. People till date can survive on a healthy cookie and a glass of warm milk, and as questionable as the action of dipping a cookie in milk is, no one knows why they taste so good. For the health-conscious, there are even vegan options, whole wheat cookies, or even breakfast cookies with grains, nuts, and dry fruits that are available. So, go on and make warm and comforting cookies for your family today.”

The chef shares one of his favourite cookie recipes, so you can have a go at it yourself.

Amiritty cookies

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  • 500gm egg white
  • 600gm sugar
  • 650gm icing sugar
  • 600gm almond powder
  • 30gm cocoa powder
  • 50gm bitter almond with skin
  • 3gm lemon zest
  • 50gm candied orange peel
  • 50gm candied lemon peel


Warm egg white and castor sugar at 45 degree C on double boiler.

Whisk this until soft and fold all the dry ingredients in carefully. Avoid over mixing.

Pipe the mixture onto a greased tray, sprinkle icing sugar on top, and keep it to rest overnight.

Next day, put another sprinkling of icing sugar and press down with your fingers. Bake at 200 degree C for 4 to 6 minutes (top 60 per cent, side 20 per cent and bottom 20 per cent of the time).   

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