Sly Granny in Delhi and Bangalore gets a new summer menu

The restaurant’s new summer menu has a large number of Tex-Mex dishes along with burgers and pizzas.
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Sly granny in delhi and bangalore gets a new summer menu 5

‘Sly Granny celebrates the life of a wicked, smart, wise, eccentric, polymath of a Granny. A polyamorous phenom with varied gastronomical interests, prohibition era cocktails and a bunch of well-selected wines for urban dwellers and other creatures of the night’, is how the restaurant is described on the Azure Hospitality website.

Since it opened in 2017 in Delhi’s hip Khan Market, the restaurant, with its eccentric décor—black and white pictures, a body builder and pineapple wallpaper, and other nick-nacks—has vowed diners with its world menu comprising tapas-style small plates, mains, and desserts.

Chef Utkarsh Bhalla, the corporate brand chef for Sly Granny pan-India (the restaurant is present in Bangalore and New Delhi) believes that food should be cooked with passion, playfulness and creativity. A firm believer in seasonal and fresh ingredients, he changes the menu of the restaurants twice a year.

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Chef utkarsh bhalla believes food should be cooked with passion.

While most of the menu is the same at both the restaurants, some regional influences such as Kerala Beef Slider are there in the Bangalore menu.

I tried the new menu in Delhi. Nearly 30 per cent of the existing menu continues with hot favourites such as deconstructed cheese toast and Barcelona shrimp still finding pride of place on the menu.

The new menu has a lot of Tex-Mex. “Tex-Mex is popular in Delhi but not a lot of restaurants are doing it,” says Chef Utkarsh. While researching the new menu they decided to add a lot of Tex-Mex dishes. “Mexican suits the palate of Indians,” he says.

The new menu has veg tacos, a Mexican grazing platter with guacamole, pumpkin seed hummus, salsa, chimichurri, pickle, tortilla chips, sweet potato chips and banana chips, fajita chicken and avocado tacos, among others.

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Smoked chicken and olives pizza.

Besides Tex-Mex, a large number of pizzas and burgers have also been added on the menu. “There was a lot of demand for these, especially to cater to the guest who comes between 4 pm and 7 pm,” he adds. So you now have the Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, corn and jalapenos, grilled eggplant and roasted garlic pizza, smoked chicken and olives pizza, and also a meaty pizza with bacon, sausages, chicken and shrimp, amongst others.  

The pizzas are available as thin crust and hand-tossed Naples style.

We tried the smoked chicken and olives pizza with charred onions and herbed feta. We had the thin crust and it was crisp and light.

It being summer, the menu has a lot of summer ingredients. Also, there is a focus on immunity boosting dishes. There is the barley salad and a lentil salad.

The new menu has a large number of burgers and sandwiches. For vegetarians there is the sweet potato and chickpea burger, the three bean burger, the Caesar salad sandwich with parmesan, and the grilled vegetables and bocconcini sandwich with pine nut pesto.

Non-vegetarians can feast on the pulled pork, sloppy joe sliders, and the non-veg club sandwich.  

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Baanoffee pie is a new addition to the menu.

The dessert menu is richer with the addition of tiramisu and banoffee pie.

The restaurant is now delivering direct through Dotpe and also, through Swiggy and Zomato. Those still not comfortable with visiting the restaurant (though it maintains social distancing and all precautions are being taken) can order home delivery.

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