A hotel without a name that gives you the freedom to be

Sin Nombre, a minimalistic space in Oaxaca City, Mexico, is a hotel whose name literally means ‘without a name’. The perfect place for a writer’s retreat or a romantic getaway.
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Image: Courtesy Hotel Sin Nombre.

In these times of carefully curated stays, it’s refreshing to find a place that refuses to be pigeonholed into anything, much less a name! What Hotel Sin Nombre in Oaxaca City – the hotel without a name – does promise, is pure freedom.

They say they simply provide the walls within which to rest, to explore, to dance, to celebrate, to sequester yourself away in secret nooks, to experience a traditional massage or sunbathe dreamily in a quiet alcove. So, you can set your own pace and make the vacation choices that feel right for you.

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Image: Courtesy Hotel Sin Nombre.

The 17th century building in the heart of downtown Oaxaca (just two blocks from the main square known as the Zócalo) melds the ancient and modern beautifully – with North African design elements juxtaposed against traditional Mexican styles. Expect a minimal feel, lots of natural light, and a tranquil respite from the ebb and flow of the vibrant city outside the doors.

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Image: Courtesy Hotel Sin Nombre.

The central courtyard is bright and spacious and the perfect spot to strike up a conversation with another free-spirited traveller or just to get some me time if you so choose. The rooftop pool is a big highlight and a great place to bring your drinks to in the evening. The restaurant serves everything from local to vegan and is quite a hit with guests as well as locals.

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Image: Courtesy Hotel Sin Nombre.
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Image: Courtesy Hotel Sin Nombre.

The well-appointed rooms have eclectic décor and no two are exactly alike, so you could have a unique experience each time you visit. Some of the framed photos are a bit risqué, but they add to the no-limits charm of the Oaxaca hotel.

In keeping with the mysterious no-name feel, the rooms don’t have numbers but little symbols that match the ones on their keys. We think it’s a fun stay if you’re seeking a bit of wonder and whimsy and a whole lot of breathing space.

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Image: Courtesy Hotel Sin Nombre.

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