An exquisite new cocktail at Elephant Bar in Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Cambodia

Indulge in the Fifth Pillar, the latest cocktail by Kong Len, bar captain at the iconic Elephant Bar in Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Cambodia.

Brainchild of kong len, the fifth pillar is the latest cocktail on offer at the iconic elephant bar.
Brainchild of Kong Len, the Fifth Pillar is the latest cocktail on offer at the iconic Elephant Bar.

Seasoned travellers will tell you that a visit to Phnom Penh is incomplete without a visit to the famous Elephant Bar. The place is an iconic institution in the capital, where one can find their signature Raffles afternoon tea as well as some prominent public figures if one is lucky. 

The Elephant Bar first opened in 1929; early guests including the likes of Charlie Chaplin and W. Somerset Maugham. The bar has a fascinating legacy and a full range of wines, beers and spirits to go with it. They also boast one of Asia’s largest selections of gin with over 110 different options. If you fancy a drink while in Cambodia with a side serving of luxury history, the comfy leather couch at Elephant Bar awaits. 

Part of their significant back story lies in their signature cocktail. The Femme Fatale was first concocted for Jacqueline Kennedy during her visit to Cambodia in 1967. Keeping in sync with Raffles’ grand tradition of concocting exotic new cocktails, Kong Len, bar captain, has now created the Fifth Pillar.

The fifth pillar is a cocktail inspired by kong len's vision to support local orange and lime farmers.
The Fifth Pillar is a cocktail inspired by Kong Len’s vision to support local orange and lime farmers.

Inspired by his vision to support Cambodia’s orange and lime farmers, this drink is a delightful combination of flavour profiles. It begins with infusing locally sourced orange skin and homemade orange bitters with Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin for 15 days. Kong then roasts a blend of rock salt, kaffir lime leaves, and orange zest. All the ingredients are then shaken and strained into a chilled martini glass.   

Kong adds that his inspiration spurred him on to create a drink that offers the zesty twang of citrus with the refreshing botanicals of gin. As gin continues to gain popularity among cocktail enthusiasts, the Fifth Pillar will be an easy fit in the newfound drinking culture.

To make the deal sweeter, you can also enjoy the same during Happy Hour at the Elephant Bar, daily from 4 pm to 9 pm with 50% off selected drinks. Patrons may be sated with the knowledge that a percentage of proceeds from the sales of this cocktail is donated to a local NGO, Sunrise Cambodia, which supports children and struggling families in rural Cambodia.

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