AKU’s The Brrgrr Co. serves craft burgers with fresh ingredients

AKU’s The Brrgrr Co. is now home delivering in both Delhi and Gurgaon.

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The beetburg burger with a grilled roots vegetable patty and carrot and beetroot slaw can be ordered even without the buns.

Delhi residents tired of eating processed burgers at McDonald’s and Burger King and wanting to try a real burger with fresh ingredients should order from Aku’s The Brrgrr Co. which is now home delivering in both Delhi and Gurgaon. Their aim is to deliver quick, delicious burgers with high-quality ingredients.   

One look at the menu and you will be spoilt for choice. There is a large variety of vegetarian, chicken, and lamb burgers along with specials such at the prawn patty burger.

Their latest introduction is the Bro-G, Aku’s version of the cheeseburger. The Bro-G comes in a pillowy bun with a charred tenderloin patty, pickled jalapenos, and cheese. While I don’t eat meat, the family does. One bite and it was declared the ‘real deal’.

They also had the Bold Bingo – lamb patty, blue cheese, caramelised onions, blended cheese, and lettuce, beautifully assembled between two soft buns. The lamb was juicy, the blue cheese was just right, not overpowering and the lettuce was fresh and crunchy.  

My teenage son enjoys spicy food and loved the Chalapeno. A grilled chicken breast burger with cheese, lettuce, jalapenos, peppers, and jalapeno spread. If you enjoy a kick, this one is definitely for you.

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There is an interesting selection for vegetarians including the master wu — with grilled mushroom patty.

AKU’s has some interesting options for vegetarians. I had the Master Wu – with a grilled wild mushroom patty, jalapenos, cheese blend and lettuce. I loved the fact that I could taste all the ingredients and that the burger did not crumble in my hands and become one big mess.

AKU’s also gives you the option of going bun-less. And I tried that with the Beetburg which was basically a grilled root vegetables patty served with carrot and beetroot slaw, siracha mayo and cheese. A perfect dish if you are avoiding gluten.

All other burgers can also be ordered with either a sesame bun or a gluten-free bun.   

The menu also offers some skin-on French fries — we had the truffle fries with parmesan and parsley — house-made nuggets, desserts, freshly made beverages, and ice creams that are made from scratch! We had the Belgian chocolate shake and the peanut butter shake. We would happily order both again.

Started by the brother-sister duo – Akriti Malhotra and Ankit Malhotra, AKU’s -The Brrgrr Co., was birthed to overcome the dearth of good quality burgers available in the ‘quick-service’ segment of the market. AKU’s is serving artisanal burgers where all meats and vegetables are sourced fresh, and the buns are hand-made daily by a baker from scratch. Over 90 per cent of the items are made in-house, including their special sauces.

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