Lady in red: Air France unveils its stunning new brand video

Style needn’t overshadow substance. But it does add value, as the French airline knows. Another of its fabulous brand videos has just dropped and the world is going ooh la la.

A swathe of shimmering red silk. A beautiful young woman. A tall, steel tower. What do all of these have in common? They all embody elegance in various forms. And they’re all part of a new brand video by French national carrier Air France, made to signal its ascent to a more upmarket avatar.

Air france, aviation, branding, elegance, airline
En route La Tour Eiffel. Image: Courtesy Air France.

The magic realism of the red swatch in the airline’s logo has been interpreted by Aura by Omnicom as the flowing train of a woman’s dress as she experiences the upscale in different ways while going up the many levels of the most iconic sight of Paris — the Eiffel Tower.

Air france, aviation, branding, elegance, airline
Elegance in ascendance. Image: Courtesy Air France.
Air france, aviation, branding, elegance, airline
Stopping for an elegant bite. Image: Courtesy Air France.

It celebrates everything French in a way that perhaps only the French know how to. There’s delicate confectionary and there’s gentle song. In fact, French singer-songwriter Juliette Armanet has created a new version of Michel Legrand’s ‘The windmills of your mind’) just for this video.

Air france, aviation, branding, elegance, airline
Grace and joy combine beautifully in this scene. Image: Courtesy Air France.

There’s warmth towards people and the glamour of the city’s glittering lights and world-famous sights. And then there’s the solidity and sinuousness of the tower itself. The video ends on a high note, capturing the dream-like feel of being at the top of the tower, floating above the clouds, that is also reminiscent of the view from an airplane.

Air france, aviation, branding, elegance, airline
Into a more mystical realm. Image: Courtesy Air France.

Elegance, they say, is a journey. And it’s clear that Air France is keen to add elegance at every step of the way.

Air france, aviation, branding, elegance, airline
Symbolic of attaining the pinnacle of elegance. Image: Courtesy Air France.

Taking elegance to new heights, indeed. Gustave Eiffel would have loved this video.

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