A one-of-a Kynd experience awaits at this Pune eatery

The ceiling high giraffe by the bar and the uncut old tree across the length of the restaurant make for quirky supporting actors to the great vibes of this casual restaurant.
The food at kynd offers you everything from breakfast to fusion food, gourmet style and vegetarian, of course!
The food at Kynd offers you everything from breakfast to fusion food, gourmet style and vegetarian, of course!

You already know I’m about to come at you with different kynds of puns. 

With a bespoke fashion brand on their premises, this is the kynd of experience where you make a full day of it. Located down a lane near The Westin, Pune, Kynd is a haven for anyone under the plant-based umbrella looking to party. 

Since their launch in 2020, Kynd Café and Bar has become Pune’s favourite place for a shopping plus dining experience. Evenings and weekends, of course, almost always metamorphose into the most lit parties, making the vegetarian European gourmet fare all the more appealing.

The cafe and bar have recently extrapolated their menu to include European-Oriental fusion food, as well as an all day breakfast! Helmed by the fashionista with an enviable business acumen, Eshita Deoskar, Kynd is the last piece in her quest to create a holistic personal portfolio. Joining her in bringing this fine-dine experience to life are co- brand partners and founder of Colossal Hospitality Pvt Ltd, Vaishali Sanghvi and Vishal Karia. 

The 1000 sq. Ft restaurant and bar offers a kynd of amazing vibe and experience, what with the giraffe in the corner and all.
The 1000 sq.ft restaurant and bar offers a kynd of amazing vibe and experience, what with the giraffe in the corner and all.

But let’s talk about the experience itself. As with most eateries in Pune, Kynd afford you the luxury of space, tranquillity, and quirk; all whilst the promise of a more happening time looms just beyond the sunset. A high ceiling, fresh interiors, and natural daylight create the perfect aura for exquisite meals. In keeping with their sustainable themes, while they’ve definitely not skimped on the eccentric decor, Kynd has also not dislodged or cut any trees. 

An obsolete form of the word ‘kind’, the restaurants’ ethos centres around creating a place for plant-based lovers to thrive in. Eating before a party may have been a vegetarian’s notion of pre-gaming, but Kynd’s here to overturn that narrative. The new age and contemporary offerings on the menu have been meticulously designed and curated by Chef Prakash Joshi, who has been a part of many successful fine dining restaurants in India.

First things first, the menu is pretty elaborate. From omelettes and pancakes/waffles, to tartines, soups, salads, small and large plates, plus pizza and dessert – there’s enough and more on this menu to satiate 3 meals worth of cravings. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless you suffer from indecisiveness like I do. 

The turnip cakes at kynd are quite nice, crispy and light.
The Turnip Cakes at Kynd are quite nice, crispy and light.

What helped immensely, however, was a knowledgeable server assigned to us. Not only did he guide us through the signature items on the menu, but also recommended several drinks according to our palate. 

To start off with, we ordered some piping hot turnip cakes. While they were definitely crispy and flavourful, they came off a touch too salty and therefore unbalanced. That minor hiccup aside, the rest of the small plates made for a delicious and welcome surprise. 

The Rainbow Hummus platter tastes as good as it looks, and comes in three flavours, i.e, Edamame, Beetroot, and Classic. In my UAE-biased opinion, nothing can honestly beat the classic. But the remaining two kynds definitely held their own, boasting distinctly identifiable flavours that worked well with the sourdough bread. We’re told that the restaurant also bakes their bread in-house, which explains the delicious smells wafting across from the kitchen occasionally as well as the lovely airy textures of the bread itself. 

We have to admit, this rainbow hummus platter looks kynd of awesome.
We have to admit, this Rainbow Hummus platter looks kynd of awesome.

A dish that comes highly recommended are the Cigar Rolls. Served piping hot to your table, they’re the most deceiving looking phyllo rolls with spinach, rice, and sundried tomatoes hidden inside. While they certainly fit the social media bill in terms of presentation, the flavours actually tend to get muddled, with the tomatoes not providing even acidity to balance out the spinach or rice. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. 

The Soy Mirin marinated mushrooms, on the other hand, knocked it out of the park. The flavours are as bold as you might expect, and the oyster mushrooms make for the best bite as they soak up the sauce even more. 

As we bravely forge our way to the mains page, I’d be remiss to not mention the delicious cocktails at Kynd. Curated by the brilliant mixologist Mahesh, the cocktails and mocktails offered here pair extremely well with the food. It’s lethal in how delicious it is, and intoxicating once you realise you haven’t been able to stop at one, or even three. 

You honestly won't be able to get enough of kynd's beverage menu, not the very least because it's 20 pages long!
You honestly won’t be able to get enough of Kynd’s beverage menu, not the very least because it’s 20 pages long!

While they have a lot of seasonal cocktails on their menu regularly, the ones I’d recommend highly are definitely the Blueberry version or the classic Old Fashioned, the Blind Date, and any of the G&Ts on the menu. It’s not just the dramatic presentation that gets you, but the way minute details like smoking the cinnamon right add to the flavours of the final product. These cocktails have undoubtedly been curated to awaken your senses. 

On the mains front, there’s a lot to look forward to as well. A delightful selection of risottos, pizzas, and pastas await, some of the best being the Wild Mushroom Risotto the Kynd pizza. IF that’s not enough, I’d definitely recommend going for the Creme Brulee. One of the better ones I’ve had in Pune, it’s textbook creamy, crackly, and all the good indulgent things you want your dessert to be. 

Watching the sun set and the lights slowly come on, the restaurant takes on more vibrant hues without disturbing the comforting vibe of the place. You know things are about to get turnt, but at your own pace. As we approach the nightcap end of what was once supposed to be an early and light dinner, the Alexander No.2 gets harder to resist. A perfect balance of bittersweet and creamy, it’s just one of many dishes that exhibit the quality time you’re assured here. 

And we kynd of have to agree. 

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