1441 Pizzeria launches vegan pizza

Made with imported dairy-free vegan cheese and a new marinara sauce, 1441 Pizzeria’s V Pizza has the authentic flavours and texture of the original pizza pie.

Everybody loves pizza, whether it’s a party with friends, a solo indulgence, a late night at the office, the popular snack livens up pretty much every occasion imaginable. Mumbai’s own 1441 Pizzeria, a brand that started off specialising in authentic Italian wood-fired pizzas, and recently expanded its repertoire to offer tandoori pizzas, has now taken yet another major leap with its menu. By introducing vegan pizza.

Vandini Gupta brand and business head
Vandini Gupta, brand and business head, 1441 Pizzeria, turned vegan herself a year ago. But she missed the taste of authentic pizza and set about finding a dairy-free alternative.

The cruelty-free and sustainable vegan diet is an admirable lifestyle but one that cuts out dairy and hence, many foods that include cheese, such as pizza. And it’s not just the vegans but there are many who can’t digest dairy and need an alternative. Vandini Gupta, brand and business head, 1441 Pizzeria, turned vegan herself about a year ago. She did miss the taste of authentic pizza though, and set about finding a dairy-free version that would have the same authentic flavours, without any of the guilt. The team conducted extensive research and started importing authentic vegan cheese along with a new marinara sauce, resulting in a vegan pizza that’s exactly the same as the original pie in both taste and texture. The V Pizza comes with vegan mozzarella, marinara sauce, black olives, mushroom, jalapenos and green capsicum.

V Pizza vegan pizza 1441 Pizzeria
The V Pizza comes with imported dairy-free vegan cheese, a new marinara sauce, black olives, mushroom, jalapeno and green capsicum.

Vandini says about the vegan pizzas from 1441 Pizzeria, “As the retail market is booming with dairy free alternatives, the shift in restaurants to provide such food offerings has been much slower. There are a lot of people who are unable to digest dairy and want to be more health conscious or are turning to plant based food options for a better environment. The aim here was to be able to cater to such people and let them know that they can enjoy their pizza – guilt-free! Further, vegan food has always been construed as being more expensive, while these cheeses are surely more expensive than their dairy counterparts, we are looking to ensure that it is as reasonably priced without hurting anyone’s pocket with pizzas starting at Rs 495. We are extremely excited to launch our vegan pizza and are looking forward to continuing to develop healthier options for our customers.”

Even if you’re a seafood and meat aficionado, maybe try something different and indulge in this unique offering? While currently the V Pizza the only vegan offering on the menu of 1441 Pizzeria, we’re likely to see more exciting flavours going ahead.

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