Yoga asanas for frequent flyers and regular travellers

Is your body fraught with troubles arising from frenetic travel? Yoga to the rescue!

The team at SwaSwara, CGH Earth, located at the stunning Om Beach in Gokarna, Karnataka, is used to travellers who are seeking relief from aches and pains associated with their jet-setting lifestyle coming to them for advice and alleviation.

We asked them to share some of the asanas that they use to bring such guests relief from the pain and stiffness.

Yoga, asanas, frequent traveller
Yoga can help you attain mental as well as physical wellbeing. Image: Shutterstock/Gergely Zsolnai.

While they recommend integrating Yoga into one’s daily routine to fix issues and to help strengthen the muscles in the longer term, they’ve created some easy routines that could offer symptomatic relief while you’re on a journey. Watch our video to understand how to perform the Yogasanas properly.

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